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  • Yeah it would. Whatever is easier for you. I guess mailing it would be better for me because then I would get the actual $50 instead of paypal taking a portion as a fee.
    No website as of yet. Im so busy I dont have time to set one up. :/
    Everything else sounds good.
    Talk to you later,
    Yes! would it make you feel better if I paid shipping Now? I have a g.c for exactly 50.00 that I can register and pay pal to you :)

    Do you have a website with it set up?

    other option is my popping the card in the mail to you - its a walmart one but its just a visa gift card. . . upon receipt(so you can see its loaded fully) you can simply ship the geckos when the baby hits weight... either way.
    Yeah as long as your not going to back out >_<
    Would be better for the little girl, give her time to grow more.
    We will just have to pray for good weather.
    Shipping is definitely going to be $50.
    Sound good to you?
    my zip code is 31801...would you be comfortable holding her till after the holidays and then shipping both? it would give me a week to secure the funds and to make sure im home for the precious package :)
    Hey again,
    Shipping should be around $50. I can give you an exact number if you give me your zipcode.
    Yeah that would be great if you could take the little one as well. She is currently 9 grams so would fit well in your second juvi tank. Minimum shipping weight for babies is usually 10 grams but if you want to make an exception you can. She is as big as a 10 gram gecko just lacks the tail because of her deformity. Other than that she is a great little gecko and should grow up to be a sweetheart.
    hi Michelle!

    I was wondering how much shipping on this lovely girl would cost? I thought I recalled you having a youngster as well... I could also have room for her in my racks :) I checked the juvi tank and everyones at 5.6 grams and the occupants of the 2nd juvi tank are between 8.6 and 11.8 grams . Let me know if you need a place for a smaller gecko too...I got a 50.00 gift card for christmas that I was hoping would cover shipping but let me know if its more.

    My geckos are all living in racks except for my two males and my babies. The racks are in theoffice and i play with everyone constantly between work emails.

    I could give your geckos a great home... could you tell me a bit more about them? I really am maxed out on babies right now but wouldnt mind the female adult, she could go in my adult group of two other non breeding trempers :)
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