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  • its fine lol if you need it its smamouthbassrigs but youtube wont let me upload any vids for some reason i geta error every time i well be putting up like 10 vids ones i can wait i mean 11 one for my hatchlings
    Sorry about your little leo.
    A red light is less disruptive to their habits than a white light, and makes it easier to view them in their cages at night. It is not essential for providing heat unless a UTH is absent or is not doing the job - a properly-sized and functioning heat mat should be more than capable of heating the tank to the desired temps though.
    Well to be fair, I don't think geckos would cultivate personal preferences *quite* like social animals do. A dog recognizes one master - a cat will be friendly with just about anyone who gives it what it wants. ;) As for my leo, he doesn't seem to notice so much which person he's around. A human's a human's a human, it's big and heat-giving and sometimes drops food from the sky. :laugh:
    Juvies are notoriously jumpy - the very young ones will often leap and hiss and screech like something out of Jurassic Park.
    So long as you're the one who gives her food, she should forgive you pretty quickly for just about anything. ;) Just be gentle with her when you can, and try keep the stress as low as possible when you can't.
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