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  • Pat, we spoke at the havre de grace show about the RRS & firewaters. Whenever you have time could you send me some pics of the geckos we spoke about. Thanks...Your hatchlings are looking awesome. Grats on the black pearls.
    i have some questions about being a gecko breeder in pa if u would be willing to help me get started and help give me some tips on starting my own gecko web site eventually thanks for ur time just let me know if u would be able to answer a few questions i might have thanks
    would u be able to bring her to me if so then i would pay 90 for her let me know or we could met some where im really intrested!!!!!!!!!!!!!! please pm me asap!
    I have one aptor het raptor female that is 65 grams and ready to breed whenever, she is $85.
    hey pat. its me the one who always bugs you bout leo questions haha. well i am due a couple eggs in a bit!!! cant wait it was my tremper reverse stripe ph bell to the super snow het tremper.
    Just wanted to say hey to my fellow PA members!!
    Your killing me inside by holding onto those Bell Patty Pictures! :(
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