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  • More times then not the eyes of a snow enigma appear solid blaxk when young, but unfortunetly do get the normal look to them. Congrats! send me pics when you get a chance.
    The first two from the Tang. Enigma x Super Snow "pairing" hatched out today! One Enigma and one Non-Enigma Snow. The Enigma looks like she has solid black eyes, The other doesn't. I hope they turn out to be solid black. If not oh well, I've hatched out my first Snow Enigma!
    That's exactly what I thought. Half of them will be Enigmas. I'm going to try to temp. sex the next couple of clutches to be male so that I can line breed them eventually. Wish me luck.
    You will end up from that pairing 100% snow enigmas with some having tang influence in them. Unfortunetly none will have all black eyes, you would need a super enima(which you can get int he next generation), or eclipse/raptor genes.
    To date none have hatched out from the Tang. Enigma x Super Snow "pairing." Will I just end up with Snows and Enigmas? I've never heard of anything being het for Tang. but I have two Cremesicles. I'm hoping that whatever they are some will have solid black eyes. This ought to be interesting. Maybe Super Cremesicles and Super Cremesicle Enigmas if I were to breed the offspring.
    Hello Pat,

    I began a new group today for Enigma Enthusiasts. You have quite a bit of experience with Enigmas, will you join? Your input would be greatly appreciated.
    Hi Pat,

    I'm not sure if you'll remember, but I bought a Tang Enigma from you and there was some question regarding it's sex because it's pores were hard to see. Well, you were right, it's a boy! He got to a couple of Super Snows that I had him with and they've both been laying eggs. This was purely accidental. I took for granted that I had some time before he matured. I'm not sure what I'll end up with, might you be able to help?
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