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    Last of this years gargs and a male U. henkeli

    Clearing out the rest of this years aurics before shipping weather disappears. All rhacs are housed individually and fed Repashy CGD. Unsexed unless otherwise noted. Health and live arrival are guaranteed. All prices are plus shipping. I ship through SYR for exact shipping cost. Heat and cool...
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    0.1 2011 Black Blood Python

    I've decided to focus on my red bloods and not pursue blacks at this time so I'm making this girl available. She is over 500grams, very tame, and an eating MACHINE. Pounds ft small rats like there's no tomorrow. Blacks are the calmest bloods so if you are planning on working with blood pythons...
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    1.0 2010 NERD line pastel

    I have a 2010 male pastel available. 728 grams empty. Feeding on live small rats. Has locked twice this season. NERD line. Healthy male ready for females NOW. Asking $160.00 shipped. Shipping is weather dependent. Payment through Paypal is preferred. No trades at this time. Thanks
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    1.0 Adult LTC Uroplatus fimbriatus

    I have a single adut male Giant Leaf Tailed Gecko(U. fimbriatus) for sale. He is 3 years LTC, fully acclimated, and feeds voraciously on dubia and large crickets. I am male heavy so he can go to someone else. Very healthy animal, you don't see many Uroplatus anymore and few are as well...
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    some pics of my ball collection

    Nice collection! I really like the BP.
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    Emperor Scorpion care???

    They're fairy straightforward inverts. I keep a group of 4. For a single scorpion a 5-10gal tank is fine, floor space matters more than height. Provide 4-6 inches of substrate, I use a 50/50 mix of cocofiber and organic potting soil, as they enjoy digging burrows. A few pieces of cork bark...
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    Just like mom...ok, maybe better

    Very nice Paul! That baby is going to blow mom out of the water.
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    Very nice pickups! I especially like the YB, you can never have enough YB girls in your collection, SO many nice combos with that gene.
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    When to upgrade to bigger setup?

    Mourning geckos are another good choice for a small setup if you want something nocturnal. I also recommend Oedura castelnaui, I recently got a pair and they are very cool, active little geckos that are fairly easy to care for and handle. An adult pair can live comfortably in a 10 gallon tank.
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    I also use some screen cages and most of the other ones have full screen fronts. I also use a small humidifier in the room and mist regularly. I am a FIRM believer in the method of creating a humidity scale; AM mist to raise it up, let it dry during the day, heavier PM mist allowing the cage...
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    White Plains pickups

    So thanks to my Buddy Kev(Northstarherp) I added some rather nice gargs to my collection at white plains last weekend. RedStripe Orange Blotch Yellow retic male I also completed some pairs of other species. Juvie female sarasinorum from Steve Cemelli(Trogar lines)...
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    What were the odds?

    I think you lucked out a bit. Nice males are somewhat harder to come by than females. I'd hold onto those till you have a good idea of what their adult coloration is going to be like. ;)
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    New male sara

    I got him in a trade with a friend of mine. If you are looking for sarasinorums, I recommend getting in touch with either Steve from Leapin Leachies or Andrew from LAC herps. Both usually have babies available.
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    White Plains NY Show this Sunday

    Anyone going? I'll be there.
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    Can anyone get into Faunaclassifieds?

    Works fine for me