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  • Hey Rex, i just have a question, to create you basking spot for your tokays in a Length 18" width 18" terr, what kind of bulb are you giving them?My two females are reading 84 with a 40W on there, as well as my uvb for the plants. Should i be upsizing to a 75? You've stated in posts 90's is a good basking spot I'm unsure of how to recreate this.
    Hey man I was wanting to know a little more about the geckos, the Intermedius pair. I don't have room for the giants. Lol. You can email me at [email protected]. Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks man.
    Hello new to this forum did alot of looking around and u seem to have the most knowlegde on tokays Quick question i have a 50g with two females one male. Both females are plump and eating. But not the male. Its strange. CAN you help Thanks

    The leo has been doing good so far. I fed him today and he ate about 12 of the mealworms I gave him this morning. I just wondered how long you leave them in there once you feed them - there's about 5 left.

    Hey T-ReXx, i had someone recomend me talk to you. i am having some issues with my tokay gecko. he seems really weak and his one eye is recessed into his head a bit and the theball seems to be shrivelling a bit. i've never seen this before and he had water and some food. i went to handle him to get a better inspection and he didnt even try to bite me or anything. please can you give me any advice on whats happening to him. thank you so much for your time
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