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  • ay man thanx for your reallie not into breeding mealies or waxies..i just go out and buy them 2.00 for 60 waxies and the same for the meal worms!!
    Hey I added some pics to my collection.... finally!!! Check them out, still got a few to load up...
    LOL i talk to u alot in the chatroom, I can't believe I never added you as a friend!!! lol Happy late St. Patrick's Day :)
    Happy Holidays to you also!! Check out my collection pics on iHerp if you get a chance.
    Thanks, all of them have very deep meaning to me and I plan to keep it that way. :)
    Hey, thank you so much for your kind words about my design work. I very much enjoy working with some people here on the forums! :)

    Yes, geckos don't really make the photography thing too easy, do they? Sometimes you might try cupping them under a paper bowl, or a deli cup to get them to settle down for you a little bit.

    I do breed geckos too, you can check out the website at I'm going to do a big update very soon, I've been working so much on other peoples websites, I've forgotten to update my own! lol. I work mainly will bell albinos, bold stripes, and a few other projects here and there... next season will be very exciting, thats for sure!
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