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    New fire skink

    Great looking fire skink. Watching them thrash around their prey is pretty amusing isn't it? :main_laugh:
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    New blue tongue skink

    I didn't give skinks too much of a thought until I saw someone's picture of a fire skink and I ended up getting one of those. I liked him enough to try another skink (even though he always hated me). What kind of pygmy skink? Googling "pygmy skink" gives a few kinds, though they all look...
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    New blue tongue skink

    I went to Repticon Baltimore today and got a blue tongue skink. I didn't have a whole lot of options, there were lots of snakes, other lizards, spiders, scorpions, frogs, axolotls, etc. but only two people selling BTS. I ended up buying one from a guy that has a shop right near me. I'm...
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    Newest addition to the house

    She sometimes scratches on furniture but its more of her always trying to get up on places she isn't allowed to be. Ironic thing is, all that behavior got worse once we got her a huge cat tree. :main_rolleyes: She loves water so the old squirt bottle trick doesn't work either x_x You would think...
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    Newest addition to the house

    She's not so new anymore but I got a kitten over the summer. She's actually a sibling to one of the cats at my boyfriend's parents' house. From what I've been told, the mother is a bengal and father is a maine coon but whatever she is, she's adorable. She is a little demon though, the baddest...
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    Updated Crestie pics

    I haven't posted here in quite awhile XD I think the last time I did post was when I first got this little guy. He did lose his tail but is in great shape otherwise. I was a bit sad when he dropped his tail at first but I have to admit, frog butt cresties are definitely kind of cute. :p He still...
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    Just a cute picture

    Great pictures & cute gecko, love his/her color.
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    Joker loves to be out at night

    Aw, he's so cute <3 I haven't tried to hold mine yet, he's still pretty shy & hides a lot. Did catch him sitting on a branch watching my mom's betta swim around last night though.
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    My cage set up

    I like the plants you have in there, I'm sure Joker loves jumping around and hiding in that. I'm just using the one that came with it and a similar one bought at Pet Co but I plan on shopping around for different things eventually.
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    Finally decided to get a crested gecko

    A dalmation. He's got some spots here and there but you can only see a few in those pictures. I'm thinking more will develop as he gets older, unless babies don't change as much as they grow like leos do?
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    Finally decided to get a crested gecko

    My gecko arrived this morning. Only have a few pictures because I didn't want to bother him/her too much. First, the finished tank (Mushroom ledge that holds food/water is on the door of the tank) : And the gecko! Two pics in the container it was shipped in Pics in the tank
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    here are my crestie thugs

    Awesome geckos. I love Killer & Nosferatu
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    Finally decided to get a crested gecko

    Well I got the tank & all the stuff that came with it finally. By the time I sent the email confirming I had the tank, it was too late to ship my gecko. I would have it shipped here to arrive Thursday but I have a doctors appointment at 2:30 pm and wouldn't want to risk the UPS guy showing up...
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    Finally decided to get a crested gecko

    I plan on feeding crickets sometimes but really like that I can feed the CGD since I absolutely hate crickets. If only my leos and skink didn't love them... Haha. So I might just use CGD for a little while, so I can give him time to adjust. Who knows though, my girl Arella ate for me the first...
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    Finally decided to get a crested gecko

    Well I'm still waiting for my things to arrive. Every time I hear something that sounds like a UPS truck I go to look out the window XD It's been out for delivery since about 4:30 this morning so it shouldn't be too much longer, but who knows. Haha, I'm so impatient. I have a smaller cage...