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    Let's Try This Again: Tangerine Leopard Gecko Available for Adoption

    This was my first (and so far only) pet reptile. I opted for the typical beginner non-snake, non-beardie choice. I have had it for about 15 months. It's about 16 months old. I have reached a point where I really want a more interactive reptile, as well as a tropical one. Unfortunately I don't...
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    Looking for a new home for a lovely leopard gecko

    Update: our Leo has been rehomed!
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    Desperately wanting gecko

    Hello everyone I live in Central Valley of California, in a small town near Fresno. I so badly want a leopard gecko but want to adopt one that needs a home. I have other pets, among them I have 2 reptiles, a box turtle my dad rescued and a baby desert tortoise I adopted. I decided to join...
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    Crested Gecko for Adoption NYC--Looking for Loving Home

    Hello to all, Unfortunately we are no longer able to keep the crested gecko we have in our household. I am looking for an ultra responsible caring loving experienced super-duper great person to welcome him into their household for the rest of his life. We love him, and it is our ultimate wish...
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    Looking for a male Leopard gecko

    Hi, I own a girl gecko named Charlie that I adore, and i'm looking to breed her in February and for that I need a male gecko! If you do let me adopt your little buddy I will be buying a 20 gallon tank for him and other supplies. I also live in Newfoundland Canada and my email is...

    Older Female Iguana for Adoption - So Cal

    Hello :] I have an older female iguana, named Iggy, up for adoption to anyone with enough experience and space to properly take care of such an exotic creature. I got her as a gift from my father when I was a little girl, after one of his coworkers asked if he wanted a baby iguana. I have...