Looking for a new home for a lovely leopard gecko


USA, Minnesota
Hi there! I’m posting to find a loving home for a leopard gecko, Lizzie. She’s a sweet ~5 year old cutie who doesn’t bite and likes to crawl all over you to explore. If she’s feeling chill, she’ll nestle up on you like a tiny heat-seeking cat. She likes to sleep a lot, but if she’s feeling social and wants to come out, sometimes she’ll stare at you til you come over.

We had a sudden death in the family, and I want to find her someone who will adopt her and love her. We also have her tank, hides, heat lamp, and tank stand to give you (for free) if you want them.

If you are interested in adopting little Lizzie, please let me know. I'm not looking for any money— just a good home! I’d prefer not to have to ship her if possible so I can save her the stress, but we can fit need be. She’s in the Maryland / DC area.

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I have PMed

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