Let's Try This Again: Tangerine Leopard Gecko Available for Adoption


Central Texas
This was my first (and so far only) pet reptile. I opted for the typical beginner non-snake, non-beardie choice. I have had it for about 15 months. It's about 16 months old.

I have reached a point where I really want a more interactive reptile, as well as a tropical one. Unfortunately I don't really have available space or finances for a second reptile. Consequently, I am interested in providing my Leo, plus some accessories for no-cost adoption.

Since the weather turned colder, it is eating about 1/2 typical amount. Over the last month, it has been averaging (3 feed days per week) about 6 5/8" dubias and 2-3 meal worms per week. I suppose it's like a semi-brumation. From March through October it has been an eating machine. I'm not sure how or if that will change now that its an adult.

Attached are pictures of the little guy/gal (I have not bothered to sex him/her). It is relatively calm. As long as I don't make sudden, jerky, moves. It will stay chill. Like most leos, I'm not convinced it "likes" to be held, but it doesn't seem to mind it, for a few minutes. After about 5 minutes, it will start to get a little antsy, so I'll return it to its enclosure.

Along with the Leopard Gecko, here's what's included in this adoption:
  • Dubia Roach feeders (roughly 100 1/2"+)
  • Meal Worms (this is an older batch so there are a number of pupas plus some beetles)
  • Repashy Bug Burger (opened)
  • Repashy Calcium Plus (opened)

You can follow up with me directly, here, if you are interested.
I also have lights, heat, hides, enclosure, etc. if you are interested in them. They are not free, though. Not included in this 'adoption'.

This is a straight Tangerine morph. Nothing fancy.

I'm not in a position to ship it anywhere. So you'll need to be within driving distance of Austin, Texas.
If you go through with the adoption but do not purchase the enclosure, I will have something for you to safely transport it in.


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