1. B&B Geckos

    Beautiful Carrot Head Aptor Female

    Very bold carrot head and bright coloration. JMG line. Carrot Head Aptor, 66% het Eclipse 6CS76 Sex: TS Female Hatched: 7/29/2013 Weight: 17 grams $ 230.00 Check her and some of our other offers out by clicking on the link below. We hope you enjoy.
  2. OnlineGeckos

    Tremper Sunglow For Sale

    Hi everyone. We have a beautiful tremper sunglow for sale, she's being sold as a "pet gecko" because she's not able to be bred. Please see below under comments for details. As always, please visit our website if you are interested in purchasing a gecko. Morph...
  3. J

    Male tremper albino

    About 1 year old $50 Obo+ shipping
  4. L

    Tons of Breeding Size adult female gecko morphs!

    Current List of available Leopard Geckos! Adult Albino Mack Snow $99 - female - exact gecko pictured! Adult Enigmas $99 - females Adult Enigma Leopard Gecko - YouTube Adult Bell Albinos w/ Regrown Tails $59.99 - females Adult Super Snow Bell Albino w/ Regrown Tail $79.99 -...
  5. N

    young males

    I have two nice geckos for sale. Tremper Albino het raptor- one parent was a giant so he could be but I can't tell yet.=70 dollars+shipping Mac Snow- nice gecko should be big his dad is an exceptionally big non giant.=50 dollars+shipping Email me at [email protected] for any questions...
  6. S

    Selling entire Ball Python Classifieds

    Selling my entire ball python snake collection, many colors, proven breeders, racks and equipment, mice and equipmemt and much more! Call Ryan @ 419-438-5558 You must be able to pick up in NW Ohio with cash in hand. Need to sell soon due to space. No emails.
  7. H

    Lots of Leopard geckos! Adults, Sub-adults, 2011 babies! All priced to MOVE!

    Males are $40, Females are $45, with the exception of the two proven breeder females, and they are $55. All babies have been temped sexed for female, and are Hypos het Tremper Albino. The parents are either a SHCTB x a Tremper Albino or a SHCTB x an APTOR. Price for babies is $20. All...
  8. Quantumhigh

    Albino Mack Snow

    Mack Snow Tremper Albino Poss. Het. Patty and Eclipse Males $30+ shipping. Shipping done using Fedex and SYR Any questions please feel free to ask. Thank you
  9. F

    Make Diablo Blancos!!!! Cheap!!!

    i have a trio (1.2) of leopard geckos for sale origonally purchased from azoreptiles.... (these were given to me by a friend)... -the male is a Blazing Blizzard (Snake eyes in both eyes), 100% het Diablo Blanco -the two females are Tremper Albino, 66% het Diablo Blanco asking 130...