1. acpart

    Submarine Gecko

    My AFT's like to dig under the fake plant in their enclosure and hang out under there, especially when it's warm. I caught my amel AFT emerging with dirt on her head. It looks like a great halloween picture: Aliza
  2. CSMGecko

    Pather Geckos for Sale (Paroedura Picta)

    I have multiple Panther Gecko (Paroedura Picta) morphs. I have the following available to ship now: Normal het Amel - Females $50 Normal Double Hets (Anery & Amel) - Males and Females $75-$95 Normal het Anery - Males and Females $65-$75 Anery - Males and Females $60-$125 Amel - Males -...
  3. Palor

    Hour Old Hatchlings!

    Adorable newly hatched amel aft's :)
  4. Palor

    Amel AFT's

    Now for sale Amel AFT babies!!!! $125 each + shipping, also 1 nice tangerine amel AFT for $175 + shipping. PM with any questions. More pics here: