Pather Geckos for Sale (Paroedura Picta)


Quality Leopard Geckos
I have multiple Panther Gecko (Paroedura Picta) morphs. I have the following available to ship now:

Normal het Amel - Females $50
Normal Double Hets (Anery & Amel) - Males and Females $75-$95
Normal het Anery - Males and Females $65-$75
Anery - Males and Females $60-$125
Amel - Males - $100
Amel het Anery - Males $125
Snow (Newest Morph) - Male $300

There are multiple patterns available...Banded, Stripe, Bold Stripe, Broken Bands.

Pics and more info posted on my Facebook page and website.


CSM Gecko


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