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    Hello! New here!

    Hello everyone! Andrew here from Michigan! I just recently graduated from AMU in Fire Science. I am an insect technician at a frog supplier. I am responsible for the care and husbandry of insect feeders. I just recently purchased my first Leo today, which made me sign up here!
  2. W

    Growing up

    she's soon to have been in our care a year
  3. M

    Hey Y'all!

    Hey y'all. I am Shana. I am new here now but was a member a long time ago. I used to have a leopard gecko but it's been years ago. Now, my son is soon to be a new leopard gecko owner and i remembered this forum. I am looking around trying to refresh my memory on proper environment and care...
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    Hello All

    Hello All! I am brand new to the lizard world. I'm getting my 6 year old son an adult female Leopard Gecko for Christmas. She's an albino and a very pretty yellow. I am well aware that it's going to be me doing the majority of the care for the animal. I have no plans to breed. My nieces...
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    Hi! I'm quite new to leopard geckos and want to do my best to give my new little lady (who is about 7-8 months currently) the best care I can. I just got her today at a reptile show and am letting her adjust to the tank for a bit before I try to bother her any more. If anyone has any tips on...
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    Please share your Chahoua knowledge with me!!

    Hello everyone! Im new to the whole forum thing and I guess new to Geckos as well. Im Heather, after spending several months working at a pet store with lizards I fell in love with Geckos I have 2 geckos Moe, Blazing Blizzard Leopard Gecko and Greg, my Chahoua. I have had Moe for a few months...
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    What should I do?

    So I am gonna get one soon!!:D! What do I need to do? Also I have a lot of quistions!!!!! :help: I just need some replys telling me some stuff about them I know some but not nearly anough! Please help!! Any thing is usefull!
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    Green anole baby care

    Until now, I've had 2 baby anoles (all bred at home). The first hatched in the begin of July. I have fed him regularly, and given him water with misting. It looked like he was all OK, but after a week he suddenly died. I've been reading the forums, and found that dehydration is a common issue at...
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    Crested Gecko and 1st time reptile owner

    This is my first time caring for a reptile, and i want everything to go smoothly. I noticed that she has not eaten any crickets in the past three days. Is there any good ways to get her comfortable with this so she will eat them?