Green anole baby care


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Until now, I've had 2 baby anoles (all bred at home). The first hatched in the begin of July. I have fed him regularly, and given him water with misting. It looked like he was all OK, but after a week he suddenly died. I've been reading the forums, and found that dehydration is a common issue at anoles, so they should be forced to drink, if they don't drink. The next week, the other anole hatched. We forced to drink that one, and all went good, until he was two weeks old. Then he also died. They were both active, they eat and drinked (the second surely). They were some hours a day in the sunlight, they spent other hours in a moderately light place. What could have gone wrong?
I've years of experience with anoles, and other reptiles, so don't bother me with very simple things. Any help will be appreciated.
Thank you!

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