day gecko

  1. B

    Help is something wrong!! (tip of tongue black)

    As I was letting my giant Day gecko lick honey off my finger I noticed his tongue was black on the tip. Is this normal or is there something wrong.
  2. CinTob

    Daily Activity

    Hello Again! So... Again, my male and female Day Geckos are healthy (I believe). They eat, shed, are growing, have a very nice home, etc. My concern today... I don't know what "normal" behavior looks like. They are approx. 9 months old. The female rarely leaves the front of the glass. She...
  3. CinTob

    Small Area of Stuck Shed

    Hi! So, my approx. 5-6 month old Crimson Day shed about a week or more ago. It went well, and quickly, but there was a small piece left on its tail. I didn't really think anything of it, but am now reading that it may be a problem. I really don't want to try to handle him, as I'm thinking this...
  4. B

    New to the forums and a lighting question

    Hello to all. I am new to this site. so far all looks great with alot of good info. our family have kept reptiles for many years now. We have a crestie, an albino milk snake, and now a gold dust day gecko (the geico gecko ) we also have had bearded dragons that were with us for a VERY long time...
  5. Iris and sage

    Iris and sage

    My peacock day pair. Iris and Sage. Such beautiful geckos!
  6. Iris


    Iris! My beautiful girl. She's a female peacock day gecko. She's never shy and loves to be the center of attention. Whenever she hears voices she comes running up to the glass.
  7. Sage


    Peacock day gecko male, Sage
  8. Topaz


    Neon day gecko hatchling, Topaz
  9. Sage


    Male peacock day gecko
  10. lizard-2732989_960_720.jpg


  11. P

    Panther Gecko and Day Gecko together

    Alright I'm new to the forums but not to reptiles, I've kept numerous lizards and frogs over the years and I'm extremely interested in a mixed terrarium. The general consensus from other threads seems to be that it only works if specific criteria are met. These criteria usually include not...
  12. P

    Are Gold Dusts any good in the pet industry?

    So basically I went to my local pet shop and the conversation sprung up about Gold Dust geckos. So he tells me that you do not see them much because people do not really have a high demand for them. I am starting to think that is true because there are very few videos on youtube, information...
  13. P

    Male or female?

    So basically my Gold Dust Day Gecko shed today. I actually caught him shedding and it was really cool! Anyway now that he is brighter I would like to know if its possible to differentiate between a male and a female Gold Dust just by general appearance? So there's the picture of it. If you guys...
  14. P

    Gold Dust Gecko not as bright?

    Hello everyone! I am new here and hopefully can find some answers to what I am slightly concerned about. First off I purchased my Gold Dust from a breeder at a Reptile Expo. According to the breeder it hatched the 1st of May, 2014. I bought it the 9th of August, 2014. So just in a matter of...