1. J

    New Crestie Owner

    I just recently as of yesterday got a 2month crested gecko. I thought I was going to get an adult, but the babies were more readily available. I am keeping it in a Cricket cage currently. (I will post a picture) I just need to know if what I have is adequate and what to improve or fix. Also, do...
  2. Lil Biscuit

    Leopard Gecko enclosure design and possible toxins

    I'm currently designing a bio active tank/enclosure for my leopard gecko. I'm mainly concerned on possible toxins. If I place a turtle shell that has been taxidermied and probably off of amazon; will my leopard gecko be poised, will anything like dubia roaches, or isopods eat at it? If so is...
  3. W

    Digging? I haven't been digging

    Chill-Bean the Green iguana gets mucky after a big in his enclosure, after a bath
  4. W

    Do Milk Snakes like to climb at all?

    I got a baby milk snake about a month ago. And I decked out his tank with a bunch of stuff. I made it rather crowded and put in some fake vines, because I know they like to hide, and feel safe when they move around. Well whenever I walk in the room I see him climbing all round, on top of this...
  5. T

    My Leopard Gecko & Crested Gecko Enclosures!

    The one on the left is my Leopard Gecko Enclosure! The one on the right is my Crested Gecko Enclosure! I STILL NEED SOME DECOR FOR LEO'S ENCLOSURE
  6. artgecko

    Proper size enclosure for 25g garg?

    I recently added a gargoyle to my collection and want to make sure I'm treating her right. I have her in a 12x12x18 glass enclosure with a screen top. Is this a proper size for her? And will I need a bigger enclosure when she is full grown? I'll try to get some pics up too. She is almost...