1. C

    Giant Day Gecko Enclosure

    Hello fellow reptile enthusiasts. I just wanted some advice/opinions regarding my new Giant Day Gecko Terrarium. I had a pair housed in a 18x18x36. I was relatively content with that enclosure but decided to move them into an 48x12x24. This new enclosure is vertically smaller obviously but the...
  2. F

    Leachie Gecko Paludarium?

    Hi, so I'm a somewhat new leachie owner(5months), and am going to be purchasing a custom enclosure for her that I'm planning on making bioactive. I have read a few threads on crested gecko paludariums, but I wanted so input/advice before starting the design of the enclosure. Has anyone done...
  3. O

    just redid my leo’s enclosure! what do y’all think? :)

  4. Morfran

    Feeding tub layouts for hunting crickets!

    I finally settled on a female name Leilani. I think it fits her personality perfectly. I set up some paper towel roll half’s to act as tunnels and released crickets for her to hunt in an old 30g aquarium and she loved it. She was wiggling her tail like never seen before she was so excited to...
  5. I

    gecko light timers for vacation?

    Hello! In a few weeks me and my partner will be going on vacation for 3-4 days. We have 3 leopard geckos (all separate tanks) we bought this year itll be the first time leaving them! My concern is what to do about the lights we turn on/off everyday. After some research, I read a lot about 'self...
  6. I

    2 geckos one enclosure (male/female) ?

    Hello! i’m currently the owner of 3 leopard geckos (all in seperate tanks as we learned when they were young they couldn’t be roommates) Recently while going to petco to get crickets and mealworms, we were told that someone had surrendered 2 adult leopard geckos. They said they were available...
  7. EricCartman

    What Is The Best Sand Substrate?

    I'm cleaning my leopard gecko's enclosure, and I want to know what the best sand substrate to use is. I have blue sand currently in her enclosure (I think it is called vita sand). When she walks around her feet look blue from the sand which I think is funny, but I want to know what sand is...
  8. J

    New Crestie Owner

    I just recently as of yesterday got a 2month crested gecko. I thought I was going to get an adult, but the babies were more readily available. I am keeping it in a Cricket cage currently. (I will post a picture) I just need to know if what I have is adequate and what to improve or fix. Also, do...
  9. Lil Biscuit

    Leopard Gecko enclosure design and possible toxins

    I'm currently designing a bio active tank/enclosure for my leopard gecko. I'm mainly concerned on possible toxins. If I place a turtle shell that has been taxidermied and probably off of amazon; will my leopard gecko be poised, will anything like dubia roaches, or isopods eat at it? If so is...
  10. W

    Digging? I haven't been digging

    Chill-Bean the Green iguana gets mucky after a big in his enclosure, after a bath
  11. W

    Do Milk Snakes like to climb at all?

    I got a baby milk snake about a month ago. And I decked out his tank with a bunch of stuff. I made it rather crowded and put in some fake vines, because I know they like to hide, and feel safe when they move around. Well whenever I walk in the room I see him climbing all round, on top of this...
  12. T

    My Leopard Gecko & Crested Gecko Enclosures!

    The one on the left is my Leopard Gecko Enclosure! The one on the right is my Crested Gecko Enclosure! I STILL NEED SOME DECOR FOR LEO'S ENCLOSURE
  13. artgecko

    Proper size enclosure for 25g garg?

    I recently added a gargoyle to my collection and want to make sure I'm treating her right. I have her in a 12x12x18 glass enclosure with a screen top. Is this a proper size for her? And will I need a bigger enclosure when she is full grown? I'll try to get some pics up too. She is almost...