Do Milk Snakes like to climb at all?


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Kansas, USA
I got a baby milk snake about a month ago. And I decked out his tank with a bunch of stuff. I made it rather crowded and put in some fake vines, because I know they like to hide, and feel safe when they move around. Well whenever I walk in the room I see him climbing all round, on top of this tree-stump looking thing, on top of the cave-log fixture, and even on this little ledge that goes around the top of the tank, just below the screen lid. I know milk snakes are masters of escape, so I have latches on the lid, and a heavy book along with a day-light lamp on it. But do they like to climb around on stuff a lot? Should I get more taller stuff for him to climb on? Or is he just being all active and exploring because he's young and getting to know his enclosure?

Also I know they like burrowing, but I really prefer to use paper towels as substrate because they're so much easier. He has all sorts of places to hide, will that be fine, or does he absolutely need to burrow?

thanks for any advice! :]