1. J

    Leopard Gecko Shed in/around eye, can I help?

    Hi there! We just adopted a couple of geckos that needed to be rehomed, and we have them fully set up with a 20g enclosure with a moist hide, a warm hide, a cool hide, and several other implements, and they seem happy and they're eating and generally enjoying life. But, one of them has come to...
  2. W


    Green Iguana eye
  3. S

    Help my leo

    I was so busy to study exam, so I couldn't care of my leopard gecko. (my parents hate reptile:() and after the exam, I found my gecko didn't eat. I just thought he is stressed. BUT IT IS NOT JUST STRESS first pic: Left eye is more swollen than right second: Under the left eye is swollen...
  4. W

    Baby Basilisk Beedy peeper

    An eye of a baby Basilisk
  5. W

    Eye of the fiji

    A close up fo one of the fiji crews eyes
  6. acpart

    Gecko Time is back!

    The Gecko Time website was down for a few days but it's back now. The latest article, about the Noir Desir leopard gecko eye trait, is definitely worth reading: Noir Desir - The New Recessive Trait with Leopard Geckos - Gecko Time - Gecko Time Aliza
  7. S

    Gecko for sale....

    not sure on the line of it. somehow we ended up having a surprise baby gecko and don't have room for him. i thought we had females only butt... found an egg and hatched it and boom one baby gecko hes pretty chill, and loves to jump. He has wicked eyes with cream colored and red. he is about to...
  8. S

    Pictus gecko morphs/eye color

    Could some people post pics of the morphs they're working with? I was hoping to see what available out there. Also, what is the common eye color of a pictus? I've seen turquoise and red rimmed eyes on mine, not sure if theirs anything there. thanks for any help!
  9. geckoboa

    Marble Eyes

    If anyone is looking for marble eyes, hets, or possible hets I will have a few available soon. I have different bloodlines including montanus(mint), macularius, and the pure ME line. I will also have het trempers available. Please contact me @ [email protected] if interested. Thanks!