1. ziggy360

    Hello, im new here with a new gecko :)

    Hi everyone im Scott or you can call me ziggy :) i have just recently brought a leopard gecko after a few years of research and wanting one for so long, i was lucy to pick up a 2 year old she is a Sunglow Tangerine, correct me if im wrong but is this a type of hybino? i still need a nice...
  2. nidastothehades

    Viper Geckos!

    Hey there. Fairly new to Gecko Forums, but a proud owner of two leopard geckos. As to extend my love, I'm looking for viper geckos! Preferably 0.2 but anything I can find I'll look into; they're so hard to find! Any points towards the direction of a breeder/ someone who's selling would be...

    Older Female Iguana for Adoption - So Cal

    Hello :] I have an older female iguana, named Iggy, up for adoption to anyone with enough experience and space to properly take care of such an exotic creature. I got her as a gift from my father when I was a little girl, after one of his coworkers asked if he wanted a baby iguana. I have...
  4. Carinata

    JMG Tangerine Granite African Fat-Tail Gecko-Adult Female!!!!

    I am trying to thin my herd a little bit to focus on some other projects. It pains me to sell this girl, but I really have no plans for her. She is a JMG Tangerine Granite, with unknown hets (some may be hiding though!). She does have a regenerated tail. She is 42g and feeding on 3/4in and 1in...
  5. D

    Male or Female Which is better.

    I know that its hard to tell what sex a gecko is when they are small, but I want to know what I'm in for when I finally get my Crested Gecko. So Which sex is better Male or Female? I want a gecko that I can handle and show to others without it embarrassing me or being to sick and...