1. S

    High-Yellow female subadult

    Hello. I am selling my female high-yellow leopard gecko. She's well loved and cared for I'm just not using her for a breeding project and want to make room for different geckos. She's healthy, feeds well, very tame and fed a diet of baby meal worms and crickets supplemented with Reptical...
  2. jclee

    Free Leopard Gecko to Good Home (Pick up Only at This Time - Providence RI)

    This is Seattle, a healthy, beautiful, 6 year-old female leopard gecko. She is a "mutt" - not a pure-breed morph, and I don't know anything about her genetic lineage. She is free to a good home. After 6 years of sharing an enclosure with Indi, another female, she injured Indi and they are...
  3. mossoftherock

    Young Adult Albino Female for Rehoming in Fort Worth, TX

    Hey all. Got this little alby a few weeks ago in a trade, and while I would love to keep her, turns out she will not touch anything but crickets; I've tried dubia, superworms, mealworms, she doesn't care for them in the slightest. I have to go and buy the crickets from the pet store as I was...
  4. C

    Breedable Pair (Male and Female) Bearded Dragons! Best Offer

    Moving and I can't take them with me, will take the best offer! Located around Minneapolis Minnesota, will meet someone. They get along very well, but do not NEED to be kept together.
  5. A

    female leopard gecko needed for a companion!

    Hey! I re homed a female leopard gecko that had MBD and was very underweight. She has now recovered and is looking very healthy indeed. I would like to find her a lady friend, I'm unsure how old she is but she is 16cm, so it would be ideal to have one that is around the same size. She would...
  6. GreatGeckos

    Giant pos super giant female raptor

    Sold Sold
  7. S

    Giant raptor female!

  8. Laska

    Afgan Halloween Mask Bold

    Afgan Halloween Mask Bold 50g Female- Proven breeder $200 shipped OBO Please contact me if you'd like more pics or any further info on this gecko.
  9. A

    Gravid female Tokay Gecko help.

    Hey i have a male and female Tokay gecko, they have lived together for well over a year maybe even 2 years now! And she has laid eggs 3 times in the past but sadly she ate the eggs! I saw them mating maybe about 2 - 3weeks ago and she is looking very plump! Ive noticed though that the last 5...
  10. L

    want adult female leopard geckos under 125 shipped individual or group

    hi, my names jr im looking for a female leopard gecko thats an adult and is ready to breed or soon ready to breed, i am open to anything but normals, i am looking to spend 150 shipped , if you have a group of females for under 150 shipped also let me know.please send pics, weight and discription...
  11. A

    Giant or Super Giant Blizzard Female

    I'm very interested in buying a giant or super giant female blizzard leopard gecko. Wouldn't prefer hets , just normal blizzard, but willing to buy hets. If your selling one please contact me.
  12. B

    Female Mystic Ball Python

    We have a female Mystic ball python for sale. She is 500 grams. Asking 1000 obo. Willing to work out payment plans. Email or message on Facebook if interested. Like us on FB... www.facebook.com/bpmorphsandmore [email protected]
  13. D

    Female Mojave Ball Python 500 Grams!

    I have a female mojo up for sale. She is 500 grams totally empty, and has beautiful coloration! Asking $600 + shipping for her, I use fed ex and Paypal is my preferred payment method. Email me or call/text if you have any questions! [email protected] 315-404-2439 Thanks, Dan
  14. D

    Four Female mystics for sale! 500 grams!

    I have 4 female mystics for sale all between 450 -500 grams. Asking 1200 for each or all four for 4400. Free shipping with fed ex! All four girls eat small rats live. I have pictures and exact weights. Email me, call me or text me if interested! Paypal is my preferred method of payment...
  15. LBsLeos

    SHTCB Proven Female and Juveniles Great prices!

    We are letting one of our proven breeder tang females go and some very nice juveniles as well. All healthy and eating on mealworms. Shipping is $50 for overnight guaranteed. Feel free to contact us via PM or email for more info or to purchase. Open to offers for the whole group as well. ID...
  16. LBsLeos


    MORPH: HYPO TANGERINE HETS: NONE SEX: FEMALE HATCHED: 2010 WEIGHT:54g (just after 12 clutch season) PRICE: $50 plus shipping This female has been a great breeder for 2 seasons laying 12 clutches this year! We have gotten many pretty babies from her. She has a great temperament and loves...
  17. LBsLeos

    2012 Tangerine het rainwater female vivid green & orange!!

    I have this beautiful female available from our pairing of Bino(rainwater albino) and Phoenix(SHTCB). This one is showing very vivid green and orange coloring. Pictures do not do here justice. The bottom pic is her with her clutch mate who is not available. She is very friendly and healthy...
  18. M

    gravid garge problems...

    Help! Hi im new to this site, and this is my first post. im a fairly new reptile owner. I have a gravid female she has been gravid for nearly 2 months now. Is she egg bound? i have a lay box in there with sphagnum moss and peat moss. i use exo terra jungle earth as substrate. The temp is a...
  19. bubblez825

    Female Mack snow(pick up only; AZ)

    I have a female mack snow het for bell and blizzard, about 4 to 5 years old, perfectly healthy and very sweet/loving.She is about 80g(I have a non-digital food scale, I'm not sure how accurate it is)and about 8.5" long. I'm looking to give her a new home, but do not know anything about shipping...
  20. T

    Female Uroplatus fimbriatus

    Hello, I am looking for a single, LTC/CB female U. fimbriatus. Please contact me with information on any available animals. Thank you!