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  1. New red and orange Gargoyle

    New red and orange Gargoyle

    My new red and orange Gargoyle
  2. H

    18x18x12 or 12x12x18 for Gargoyle Gecko?

    I just asked recently on another, busier, gecko forum but I love some variety so let's ask here too. I've been interested in getting a gargoyle gecko for over a year now, and I currently have the opportunity to get an exo terra for only $40 which seems like a wonderful deal to me. I have two...
  3. StickyToesAndLashes

    Gargoyle gecko egg incubating 130 days now?!

    okay so I MIGHT know where this egg might be going (probably in the "will-never-hatch" category) BUT I figured I should come on here and ask a few questions for the heck of it. Our gargoyle gecko Granite laid her first fertile clutch of eggs on 3-22-17, and today it's 8-2-2017. Unfortunately...
  4. Emimee

    Gecko In New Viv Keeps Hanging Upside Down

    I just put together my new 18x18x18 exo-terra tank, currently with paper towel lining, a large rock hide, a small log hide, a few rocks, several lives plants (awaiting my shipment of ABG mix soil for potting so I can start developing a bioactive substrate) and a mushroom ledge. I introduced my...
  5. Emimee

    Aberforth's First Handling Sesh

    Last night I got my gargoyle gecko Aberforth out for his first handling session! I've waited two and a half weeks and only touched him twice in that time. The first was because it was freaking me out that he was sleeping basically on his back with his tail underneath him and his little hands...
  6. Emimee

    New Gecko Hasn't Started Eating Yet

    Just this weekend I got my first gecko, a gargoyle gecko, at an expo in Austin, TX. He hasn't started eating yet, and I'm wondering how long I should wait before I start to worry about this. I know it's not super unusual for new animals to take some time before they start feeding regularly after...
  7. Emimee

    Newbie from Northeast Texas!

    Hello! I'm Emily Rose, and after impulse buying a gargoyle gecko at a herp expo in Austin this weekend, I decided it was time to find a good forum to get into! This isn't my first reptile, but it is my first gecko! His name is Aberforth and he is a very handsome young man!:smitten: I'm...