Garg Gecko Health question


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Hi everyone,

First time visiting/posting here but hoping someone might know if this is unusual or not. I'm a new owner of a garg who's 5 months old now. Had it for the last month now and things seem to be going well so far but in the last couple of days, I noticed that it seems like the little guy's throat is puffing out more than usual. At first, I wasn't too concerned cause it seemed normal until now. It seems like it's only happening on one side of the throat as well. Overall the gecko seems fine. Still eating and drinking water normally and pretty active. Adding some photos for reference. One photo is showing the normal side, The other 3 the puffy side. Going to give it another day or two before going to the vet but wanted to check if anyone else may have an idea. Thanks.

Image from iOS (3).jpg
Image from iOS (2).jpg Image from iOS.jpg Image from iOS (1).jpg


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You could push on it to see if it's hard or spongy. You could also see if you can get its mouth open to see if there's anything inside that looks "off". It could be an abscess in which case the vet would need to prescribe the proper antibiotic and dose. It also may be something that needs to be removed.


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