Gargoyle gecko egg incubating 130 days now?!


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okay so I MIGHT know where this egg might be going (probably in the "will-never-hatch" category) BUT I figured I should come on here and ask a few questions for the heck of it.

Our gargoyle gecko Granite laid her first fertile clutch of eggs on 3-22-17, and today it's 8-2-2017. Unfortunately, one of the eggs started sweating two days ago and when we opened it up (after a lot of anxious waiting and debating) we discovered an already dead, almost fully formed little thing that looks as if he had died about a month ago (the inside of the egg was very white and milky and thick). I've been candling this other egg and I see some movement- however, I can clearly see the heartbeat on this thing. Almost as if it's heart might be hanging out of its body... I can see an actual little sphere going "thud thud thud" in the egg and I'm a bit freaked. Maybe this guy isn't fully formed yet? I mean it's been 130 days. At this point I'm expecting the worst. I just hope the little guy isn't malformed and that his organs are just sticking out of this body

Anyways we're incubating at 70-71 degrees Fahrenheit in plastic containers with one dime sized hole for ventilation. The eggs are on semi moist perlite (this is what works for our cresties which we have HUGE success with).

So my question is... should I wait this out? Should we cut it open? Do you think it's a poor prognosis? This is our first post so we're pretty interested to see some answers! Thank you!


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South Carolina
I personally incubate my Gargs in the low- mid 70s ( I live in SC, and can't afford to run the AC long & hard enough to get my house down to 70° 6 months out of the year). They DO take longer to incubate at lower temps, but I wouldn't too worried. If they hatch, they hatch. Just Nature running it's course.

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