1. Emimee

    Aberforth's First Handling Sesh

    Last night I got my gargoyle gecko Aberforth out for his first handling session! I've waited two and a half weeks and only touched him twice in that time. The first was because it was freaking me out that he was sleeping basically on his back with his tail underneath him and his little hands...
  2. P

    gecko tried to bite me?

    I know this sounds silly that I'm worried about this. I bought my leopard gecko of almost 2 years a repti shelter and some spagnum moss yesterday (i was previously using a tupperware and paper towel). I decided to redo and clean his cage since I was going to be in it anyway. I put him in a...
  3. A

    Handling a new fat tail

    Hi all! I am new to these forums, and new to geckos in general, but I have 5 snakes, so I have a pretty good idea of reptile care, and I did quite a bit of research on AFT geckos before I picked my little guy up! I'm just wondering what the best way to start handling my gecko is. I've had him...