Handling a new fat tail


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Hi all! I am new to these forums, and new to geckos in general, but I have 5 snakes, so I have a pretty good idea of reptile care, and I did quite a bit of research on AFT geckos before I picked my little guy up! I'm just wondering what the best way to start handling my gecko is. I've had him for about a week and he seems pretty comfortable in his tub, he's been eating and pooping just fine, but the only time he comes out of his hides is to hunt for crickets, so whenever I might want to try and start handling him he's in a hide. I have heard that taking a gecko out of its hide will scare them and make them trust you less, is this true? I've read that you should just put your hand in the tank and leave it there for them to check out, but he's never shown any interest. Should I maybe leave him alone for another week? He IS pretty young, and I don't want him to be scared of me.


I usually raise the hide, expose the gecko, pick it up with the tip of my fingers and leave them on the palm of my hands for a few seconds, then I lower the hand back to the tub and let them walk back to the tub on their own. I try to do this every
time I clean or feed the young geckos, so they get used to it.

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