Does the 1-4 week handling wait period for Crested Geckos apply if you use the same enclosure?


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I recently purchased a Crested gecko from a pet store that had just been turned in yesterday in wonderful condition. Her previous owners took great care of her, and when I held her in the shop and she was very calm and comfortable. When I got her she came with the same enclosure that she had lived in before leaving, and at the shop. Other than moving her back into the enclosure I didn’t really touch her at all today. Does the wait just pertain to adapting to an entirely new enclosure or does it also have to do with the outside area. I’ve kept her enclosure almost exactly the same, although I’ve had to wangjangle the sticks a little bit to replace the paper towel and it does look a bit different now. I really don’t want to stress her out, but I also don’t want to wait to long and have her lose her comfortability. I’m very much a beginner.
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