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    Baby Crested gecko fell

    Hello! I'm a new owner of two baby cresties. They are eating amazingly well and I have had them for a little over a week now. I decided to try a really short handling session with them both. One took to it well and let me hand walk it for a minute then got put back in. The other decided to hurl...
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    Is this mouth rot, please help.

    He’s been eating and drinking and being normal but hes skittish and always has been, but his mouth lately looks wrong in front!
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    Dragging hind legs

    I picked up my leopard gecko and noticed it was expelling a piece of sphagnum moss. After working it out, she has been dragging her legs when walking but if I put her on my shoulder she seems to be able to move her tear legs. I read somewhere that constipation/impaction might cause this. Just...
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    New Gecko Hasn’t Pooped

    Hi! I am a first time reptile owner, and have a leopard gecko. They are for sure less than a year old and the guess is approx 4-6 months. It has been eating and seemingly behaving normally—sleeps most of the day, sometimes comes out, switches from warm to cool hide and vise versa, is active...
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    Vent problems

    My adult male leapord gecko has been licking his vent constantly. I have been giving him baths and was examining his vent today and found some dried skin that I removed. I also saw this red irritated bump and I’m not quite sure what’s going on or what to do. Any help much appreciated.
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    Unknown Sac In My Leopard Geckos Tank! Please Help!

    Hi I am new here and I wanted others advice and help on my leopard gecko. I owned my leopard gecko for about 3 years now and I have always thought it was a male until recently. About 2 weeks ago my leopard gecko refused to eat. It wouldnt take my gut loaded meal worms so i brought out the wax...
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    Gecko squeals randomly?

    Hello! So a few months ago (4) I bought my second Leopard Gecko and they randomly squeal? It’s not chirping or barking or screaming so I have no idea why. Just random little squeals for a few seconds and when I check on them they’re just chilling so I don’t know if I should be worried?
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    Australian Velvet Gecko Skin Problems

    Dear forum users, I am a new licensed owner of two beautiful Australian Velvet Geckos. I am not sure either are doing 100%, however one especially does not look very well. I have attached some photos for your reference. His skin is not in a good way and it has been like that for at least 2...