1. ssScaleyCreations

    Mouth Rot? Or Scar Tissue?

    Hi everyone, this is my leopard gecko Tango (7mo male) and when I brought him home (1mo) he was full of bad shed wounds on his head, upper lip, and nose area. The worse of it was on his upper lip, though. I hoped that with each new shed it would become less and less apparent which was thankfully...
  2. N

    HELP stuck shed on tail?

    I hope you guys can help ;-; I'm having trouble with my little baby crestie. He isn't very thrifty and he keeps getting stuck shed on his toes. I have been helping him with his toes successfully but now I've noticed that the end of his tail is stiff and kind of crusty looking. I thought it was...
  3. J

    Won’t leave Hot Hide at all.

    Hi I’m new to the reptile community. I recently had bought my first baby super snow Leo. I’m not sure exaclty how old he/she but I had bought from big apple herp. Since I got the Leo, he/she was in the cool hide for the first 2 days. didn’t eat on the first day, but on the second day I noticed...
  4. A

    Feeding advice for a new owner

    By happenstance I acquired a 5 month old male leopard gecko recently. While I have experience herp keeping it has been with crested geckos and bearded dragons which are decidedly different. I’m trying to see what all I should be feeding my new charge. Currently he is getting 5-6 mealworms dusted...
  5. H

    Bite wounds?

    I just got my leopard gecko and I was wondering if this looked like a previous tank mate bite wound? Or stuck shed? I don’t think it’s shed because he had no interest in the humid hide he has but it’d be nice for a second opinion helena
  6. H

    Help? (normal activity level?)

    Okay! So, this is my first leopard gecko i’ve ever owned. His name is Chaos, and he’s about two weeks old. I just got him today, and I noticed he seemed to be particularly active during the day and right now (9:45 pm) he’s asleep. He even ate at around 2 pm and he was exploring his tank. I’ve...
  7. 6

    Milkshake the Millipede

    Hello, I recently got a female Florida Ivory millipede on the 7th of June this year, I named her Milkshake the Millipede. I know how to care for her but, she hasnt eaten since I got her, I do give her food (she has nibbled on my finger a few times). Recently she hadn't been out of...
  8. J

    Is IR light bad for geckos?

    Hi there, I have a webcam in my gecko's hide which is great for the daytime, but when the lights turn off I can't see her, I'm wondering if I could use an IR lightbulb to light up the hide without disturbing the gecko, for those who don't know, IR light is invisible to the naked eye, but...
  9. S

    New Leopard Gecko, interesting past feeding

    I just recently got a free leopard gecko off of Craigslist. I have done some research and I think I’m pretty good for now. I have him in his (I think) 40 gallon exo terra enclosure, his singular magnetic hide, his two bowls and then they had him on heat lamps. They had no bulbs in them so I used...
  10. C

    Clueless as to what to do , please help

    Hello all Im new here and have come seeking help , in recent times I moved back into my mothers house where my two sisters also live , one of them is ten , and since I’ve been moved out she has owned a leopard gecko for quite some time. My 10 year old sister was the only one who looked out for...
  11. Beccabrace

    Chahoua Help :(

    Hi, attached is my female chahoua, she laid eggs recently and since then has been refusing food etc. She is deteriorating & I just noticed this small lump in the middle of her abdomen, does any one have any idea what it is?
  12. ThisnThatExotics

    Leo hatchling morph help

    Hey all! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on my hatchlings morphs. I’ve had leos for years but this was my very first year producing hatchlings. Right now I just have 5 TSM and a lot more females due in the next couple of months First pairing was my Mack snow tremper boy with my white and...
  13. Geckosoup

    Red belly/tail on male leopard gecko?

    Today while cleaning out my 2 year old male leopard geckos tank I saw that his belly and tail have gone pinkish red. His temps are normal (warm side 29°C, cool side 24°C) and he ate crickets two days ago and has been active and otherwise healthy. I am wondering if it is possible he is having an...
  14. lukeyoo

    New Gecko Owner

    Hi everyone, The other day myself and my girlfriend rescued a leopard gecko from a not so great condition. We've cleaned her enclosure and have bought new everything (minus the skull). She seems to have settled in quickly and is loving her heat-pad as she didn't have one before. Echo is about...
  15. Chimmy

    Please help, eating problems

    Hello! My leopard gecko has had trouble eating lately. He recently stopped brumating so I figured he'd be really hungry. Which he was, obviously, he was very interested and alert. The thing is, he's kinda blind. I don't think he can see anything at all with his right eye, the eye is completely...
  16. R

    Are these mites? Help

    I have a vivarium with Bio Dude Terra Sahara reptile substrate and succulents. It’s been set up for almost a year now with no problems. I haven’t introduced anything new since the set up a year ago. A couple weeks ago I noticed small white and brown insects on the water bowl. I thought they...
  17. H

    URGENT: Rescued leopard gecko with signs of MBD and malnutrition

    Hello, I rescued a leopard gecko from a family member who was severely neglecting her. She's 10 months old. My cousin asked me for advice when his gecko was refusing to eat. I asked him for a picture and the attached photos are what he sent me. I told him to give me the gecko immediately so I...
  18. B

    Newbie struggling to regulate temperature!

    Hi everyone! Really hoping someone can help me. We brought our lovely leopard gecko home yesterday. She is around 7 months old and is an albino gecko. We set her viv up a few days before we got her but I’m really struggling to regulate the temperature. We bought a habitat starter set so we’re...
  19. Ashtenb

    Crested gecko morph help

    Does anyone have any idea what morphs my crested geckos are?
  20. Mesastalks

    Identify these morphs! I'm new

    What is this gray colored "leopard gecko" in the red circle? Or what albino morph Is the green circle? Thank you :,) newer to the geckos