1. A

    Is this enclosure appropriate for a Crested/Gargoyle Gecko?

    I built this enclosure for either a Crested or Gargoyle Gecko that I will be obtaining at an expo soon, is there any glaring issues with it? The dimensions are 18x18x36 The light is 5uvb. I put clear plastic panels on the sides to keep humidity in.
  2. J

    Crested Gecko Eye Problem?

    Hey everyone, I’m new to the forum, just hopping on to ask a question. I was cleaning my crested gecko’s enclosure today and noticed this abnormality in one of his eyes. It looks like his pupil has somehow expanded or broken somehow as it is rectangle instead of the regular sharp ovalish shape I...
  3. J

    Baby Mediterranean Gecko Lump

    Hi! Joe is just under a year old and is a Mediterranean House Gecko. He eats and drinks just fine but I noticed a big lump on the base of his spine the other day. Any ideas what it might be? He is on a diet of small crickets and I ordered Zilla’s Vitamin Supplement spray in case it has to do...
  4. N

    Sick gecko

    Hi everyone my leapord geckos has been having some black spots appear on her stomach and she’s been sluggish and her eyes are half closed this happened out of nowhere she has good bedding so it shouldn’t be a bedding problem. I’ve had her for 8 years so she’s 13 she was in some back condition...
  5. Q

    Sick (likely dying) leopard gecko

    I've had my leopard gecko for 10 years. A couple months ago, she started losing weight in her tail, and around a month ago it got to the point where it was a lot of weight lost and she was barely eating (still pooping though). She hasn't been especially lethargic, although she sleeps basically...
  6. T

    Hello Everyone, could I get some help? (What morphs?)

    Hello Everyone my name is Tyler I currently have 5 Leo's and I am wanting to figure out what a couple of them are. I bought one from a breeder so I know what she is and I have a diablo blanco. The other three im not fully sure about. I was told my first one I got was a bell albino tangerine. I...
  7. K

    Please help, I dont know what's wrong with my gecko

    I have a giant leopard gecko who is turning 3 this year. I went on a vacation for a week and left him with my brother. When I got back I noticed some kind of growth under his tail. He hasn't eaten anything in the 3 days I've been back. Can someone please tell me what this is? I can't afford a...
  8. S

    Please help I think Leo gecko is blind.

    Hi there I have already posted this I think but not showing up so here it is again hopefully this shows up Hi everyone I have a leopard gecko about 9 months old it's eyes look absolutely fine but he acts like he caRnt see he is licking air licking walls constantly walking into walls and getting...
  9. CherryBlossom TheLeo

    What morph is my leopard gecko?

    Alright so we got my daughters leopard gecko, Cherry Blossom, in August. She was labeled as a hypo bell albino. I’m not going to lie I’m a little confused by what each morph means… I assume albino bell is the coloration of her, and hypo is the pattern or lack thereof. but I’m also not sure how...
  10. O

    I need some help!

    Let me start by saying this is Lilo! Lilo is about 8 months and I've had her since the beginning of March. She belonged to my uncle along with her sibling, he didn't play with them much and only fed them crickets, no crested gecko diet or anything like that. He dusted crickets every other day...
  11. M


    Hi there! I work at a local pet store and we got some fan footed geckos. Recently a new employee (who no longer works for us now) decided it would be a great idea to step away while cleaning the fan footed gecko enclosure and leave the cover off. One of our geckos escaped and ran behind our wall...
  12. Y

    Please help. (lethargic, soft belly)

    My leo is young and I recently got her from a local pet store. (In hindsight now it is a pretty shady place). She we doing very well for the 3 months I've had her. But for the past few days she was acting lethargic and her tail was turning slightly more purple over time and got seemingly thinner...
  13. A

    Help! (gecko scared of me)

    How do i stop my gecko from being sooo scared of me and stop her from running away?? And its not like its easy to get her back to her enclosure it seems like she hates it. she always hide in a hard to reach spaces☹️☹️☹️its so frustrating... Its a leopard gecko btw
  14. M

    Hot glue in crested gecko enclosure?

    Hi I created this account because I need help, I used hot glue all over a dowel and glued fake plants to it for my gecko and she’s very flighty and it scared her to put it in but after I put it in I realized that hot glue needs 24 hours to cure, it is completely dry and I finished it hours ago...
  15. E

    Is UVB needed if it get's D3 powder in its food?

    I'm rather new to the reptile community, and i want to be 100% sure about everything before getting a leopard gecko. I know they need calcium, D3 and multivitamins. But if they're getting D3 from the powder i sprinkle on the food, do they also need UVB lights? Isn't UVB just another source of...
  16. T

    Cant tell if my Leo is ovulating

    Hey everyone I was wondering if anyone with more experience in breeding can tell me if my Leo is in ovulation or not thanks for the help ahead of time
  17. xoxokcp

    Did this come out of or from my Leopard Gecko?

    Hi all, i’m back again and i was wondering if this is just a piece of the hide my gecko was in or if this came out of her? it wasn’t on her when i saw it, it was just near her. Thank you so much for reading p.s i am a hypochondriac, so when it comes to my baddie i am especially paranoid
  18. Eve.020020

    A little help to solve a puzzle please!

    Hi :) been meaning to join the forum for a long time but finally caved now Ive been faced with a conundrum! I’ve had my leopard gecko, Walnut, for exactly a year on the 10th of December and I’ve not been worried about him until this point... the thing is that he’s stopped pooping altogether...
  19. N

    Last Resort

    Hello! First post here, my name is Morgan, I’m 18, and my little Leo’s name is Romeo. He’s my first Leo, but not my first exotic. I don’t know the character limit on these posts, but I need your guys’ help, so I’m going to attach a link to a tumblr post about him that explains what’s going on.
  20. C

    Advice needed (not eating, stuck shed)

    I have take in a leopard gecko from someone I know, it’s condition had gone down hill rapidly (not eating, lost weight and stuck in shed), she had tried everything but without success. In the past 24 hours I have had him/her I have managed to remove the stuck shred with Q tips but it has what...