1. D

    My Leo lost the tip of her tail !

    Hi all, Recently I got a new female baby leopard gecko named her Carrot, and started off by letting her grow in her own vivarium but when she became an adult I set her with my other two female leopard geckos (which both of them get along fine) and after a week of them staying in the same...
  2. S

    Extremely aggressive leopard gecko

    Aggressive leopard gecko :( My leopard gecko is 6 months old. I’ve had her since she/he (I still don’t know the sex) was very tiny. I’ve had leopard geckos before and have successfully tamed them, been able to hold and interact with them. This leopard gecko, however, is such a challenge for...
  3. C

    Leopard Geckos - Unresponsive RI

    Hi! So, I have two leopard geckos: Luna & Weasley. I am desperate for help with what to do, here is the story: in early December I took Luna to the vet because I heard a slight click in her breath and was worried it was the start of an RI. The vet (who was clearly inexperienced and mishandled...
  4. CLBaldwin22

    Question about tail

    Hey all, I’ve had this little one for about 2 months now and haven’t had any issues but since his last 2 sheds his tail is super dry looking and changed to a more purpleish color? It’s been like that for a month now. I’m new to this so just making sure he’s healthy. He always has fresh water and...
  5. A

    strange substance in terrarium

    Hi all, we have a created gecko and recently found an odd blob in her terrarium. can anyone help identify it? we’re all a bit confused!! thanks x
  6. G

    Please Help! Confused. (skinny tail)

    Hi! I've had my female leopard gecko for about 9 years now. She's always been happy and healthy, until now. For about a couple months her tail hasn't been able to gain weight at all. Her belly is not skinny, just her tail. I repeat, her body is rather fat, but her tail is abnormally skinny. She...
  7. K


    Hi everyone, Ive had my leo for nearly a month now, hes only a baby baby (2.5 months/3 months). He's had shedding problems since day 1 due to poor husbandry where he was kept before but hes getting much better. Is this shed in his eye or is it another issue?? Please help -Kay
  8. L

    Need opinions pleaaase

    Hi my leopard gecko Bella has been losing weight recently and her tail has become thinner and her abdomen has become larger, she is pooping fine, so I am worried that there are eggs, she has never laid eggs before and I’m worried as I can’t actually tell if it’s eggs. Any help would be much...
  9. R

    Stunted Growth

    First picture is my lepored gecko from July 5th 2018 second is from January 23 2020. He has not grown much. He did lose a bit of his tail when he was only a few weeks old so idk of that has much effect on his stunt. He does not eat much compared to my other geckos even the one I got almost at...
  10. R

    Leopard Gecko won't shed!?!?

    So, I got a perfectly healthy year old leo about 2 weeks ago. A few days ago he started getting dull, but he hasn't shed. How long does pre shed last for leopard geckos? Have I done something wrong for my boy? Please help, I love him so much
  11. L

    Help! Is my gecko ok?

    My leo Dora has been like this for abit now, has anyone else had a gecko like this and is ir dangerous? I’ve never seen this before, help!
  12. Geckos & Fish & Cows

    Should I get 2 or 1???

    Hey! I have a 10 gallon tank right now but am going to be quickly getting a 40. Should I get 2 leos? (Both females, of course) Or just stick w/ 1? Will they be stressed in a tank that big? What you think??? Thanks!!
  13. A

    Help. My female fat tail laid one of her two eggs in her.

    She’s laid eggs before, which actually hatched yesterday, and then laid another egg yesterday within hours of the first ones hatching. When she laid the first eggs she laid them together. I’m worried that she might be egg bound. Does anybody have any suggestions or any info at all that could...
  14. Zach Simms

    How to get my Crestie to eat.

    Hey everyone, So my one crested gecko I bought about a week and a half ago won't eat the Pangea food mix or the other food that I bought it. I try holding him and holding the bowl by him and I also try putting some on my finger and holding it in front of it but that doesn't work. Any...