leopard gecko baby

  1. Futureboundexe

    Can i take out the moist hide since the humidity is so high?

    So according to the 1 govee digital hygro/thermometer and 1 ZooMed analog hygro/thermometer the humidity in my baby gecko’s tank is 56-60. Where i live the rainy season has just ended and its now the snowy season, this is obviously pushing the humidity out of the happy leopard gecko range. What...
  2. Yas97

    Herbert the Leopard Gecko

    Hi everyone! I have a beautiful leo boy named Herbert he’s just coming up to 3 months old!
  3. A

    Sudden behavior change in gecko?

    I took on a male juvie about one month ago and he came in a 10 gallon from the previous owner. He is roughly 5 months old now and seemed to be getting a tad big for his tank so I got a 40 gallon long front closure and made it bioactive because I hate cleaning tanks out. (I also have my crested...
  4. H


    Hi guys! My name is Helena and I love reptiles :). I have a bearded dragon, a leopard gecko, and soon to have a BCI. I also dabble in fish and other aquatics :) Since this is a only a gecko forum i’ll show some pictures of my brand new baby Chaos. He’s about two weeks old. He looks much bigger...
  5. L

    Can someone identify this morph please

    Hey all, tried to post this but there was a issue. So we recently got this gecko after they were rehomed to us. The past owners dont know the morph and were curious if you guys may know? They are just going to be a pet like the other leopard geckos but we know their morphs but not this one I...
  6. TheotheLeo

    Juvenile gecko colors

    Hello! I don't currently have a leopard gecko but I'm working on slowly setting up a tank. In the mean time I've been looking and researching. I had leopard geckos years ago but I want everything to be perfect. My local pet store posted a picture of the juvenile leopard geckos she has on...
  7. S

    Urgent Please Help Dead Baby Leopard Gecko

    Hello, I have 4 adult leopard geckos and recently two of my eggs had hatched. I had two beatiful baby leopard geckos and I was very happy. Today I checked one of baby leopard geckos container (6 quarts) to find a dead baby leopard gecko. I don't know what I did wrong so I will tell everything I...
  8. J

    New Owner, some general questions!

    Hey everbody! I just joined thing forum today, and have had my first ever reptile, a baby fancy leopard gecko from ++++++++, for about 3 days now. I've always had pets and all kinds of different types, but never a reptile and wanted to give it a try. So far I love having my gecko, Sonny. He (or...
  9. T

    Help lower humidity in naturally humid climate!

    Hello everyone, I am new to the site and a soon to be first time leapord gecko owner. I have been doing research for a few weeks now, and slowly assembling all the equipment I will need as an owner, as well as creating a cozy terrarium for my new friend before s/he arrives. My main concern is...
  10. T

    just got some leopard geckos, need some help...

    hey everyone, i am sure you have gotten a whole ton of these types of threads (and you are probably sick of answering all the questions they contain), but i want to make sure i am taking good care of my leopard geckos. today in the mail, i received one super snow and one high color. the super...
  11. V

    BABY Mack snow leopard gecko

    I know it's hard to get very young geckos at this time of the year, but someone very close to me wants a leopard gecko and they want a baby mack snow. I am willing to meet to pick this baby up or pay shipping. If you have a baby available please pm me with the price you are asking for and a...
  12. Leviathan-Cy

    New From Tennessee

    Ah, hello. I'm from the US, Tennessee to be more exact. I have big dreams but a long way to go. c: I hope I can learn a lot from all the experienced keepers here. My babies so far:
  13. L

    New and Looking for Help!

    My husband and I recently got two baby leopard geckos and the male is extremely friendly and mine, the female, is very agitated. She does not hiss, or anything aggressive but I don't trust letting her wander off my hands or body on the ground because she is skittish and I fear her running off...
  14. Y

    wanted baby leopard gecko

    I'm looking for a baby leopard gecko I was hoping to find one here in Victoria BC so I didn't have to order one online really sorry I was hoping to find a breeder here I've been looking for one everywhere around here in the surrounding area and I've been having the hardest time so I thought I'd...