Can i take out the moist hide since the humidity is so high?


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So according to the 1 govee digital hygro/thermometer and 1 ZooMed analog hygro/thermometer the humidity in my baby gecko’s tank is 56-60. Where i live the rainy season has just ended and its now the snowy season, this is obviously pushing the humidity out of the happy leopard gecko range. What can i do? I dont really wanna buy anything over 20$. I was thinking just removing his moist hide and skipping the daily mistings would diminish it greatly. But then im not sure he will drink from his water dish as i havent seen him ever drink yet. And idk if the humidity in the tank without the moist hide is enough for smooth shedding. What should i do? Here are the tank’s details that affect humidity as of this moment:
Hot hide: 93°f
cold hide: 65°f
Air temp: 60°f
1 medium exo-terra water dish
20 gallon regular rectangular tank (temporary)
Screen top lid that is currently not being used to help lower the humidity


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Somerville, MA
One leopard gecko care book that I read suggested just wadding up a damp paper towel and putting it in the cage when it looks like the gecko is ready to shed. In my opinion, you could take the humid hide out and see how the gecko does without it. If all of a sudden it has trouble shedding you know it's needed. I never worry about humidity in my gecko enclosures. In the summer it can be pretty humid but we all just cope.


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