Urgent Please Help Dead Baby Leopard Gecko


Hello, I have 4 adult leopard geckos and recently two of my eggs had hatched. I had two beatiful baby leopard geckos and I was very happy. Today I checked one of baby leopard geckos container (6 quarts) to find a dead baby leopard gecko. I don't know what I did wrong so I will tell everything I had done. They lived in 6 quart shoe containers with a damp paper towel I misted 1-2 times a day with water, a moist hide box, a mealworm dish and that was it. I did not keep a water dish either and instead used mist for their water. I tried feeding them mealworms by hand and they did it just fine. The dead baby was over their feces so I wonder if I could've been a digestive problem? I don't want this to happen to my other female so please if you see anything that I did wrong please inform me asap. Its poor body was over a very large feces which was about 4 time bigger than any of the other ones. I feel horrible and I never want this to happen again.


Staff member
Somerville, MA
I doesn't seem to me as if you've done anything wrong. Unfortunately, coping with hatchling death is a part of breeding geckos and while I hope it never happens again, if you keep breeding it will happen on occasion. Sometimes the gecko has something wrong internally that we don't know about and can't see until the gecko ends up dead. One recommendation I'll make is to go with the water dish and not mist so much. Misting did not cause this one to die, but especially in the shoeboxes it can get a bit too humid for them if you mist a lot. They do find their water bowls pretty well.


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