1. G

    Anole's tail is looking a bit weird...

    Hello all! A few weeks ago, my parents bought my sister a Green Anole. It sure is a cute little thing, and it's only a baby, but I've noticed something odd about it's tail. (Yes, this cage is dirty and not at all right, I intend to change it as soon as possible, anyone have any advice?) The...
  2. N

    please help,idk what to do

    hello, i keep my leopard gecko, sparky, in a tank on top of my desk. he’s a juvenile, so he’s kinda small. yesterday, my dad was moving it and didn’t see his heating rock plugged in and my poor gecko fell to the floor and got smushed by his rock. he’s alive and alright, but he won’t walk on his...
  3. W

    MMMMmmm mussels

    Caiman lizard loves mussels
  4. W

    Basilisk beauty

    Although dull as it's going into shed, this lizard is still very wonderful looking indeed
  5. T

    Aggressive Leopard Gecko?

    She's 4 months old and I've had her for about 2 months. Her name is Kim. She was very calm, curious and sweet for about a month... the last month she has been quite aggressive and today lunged at me 3 times. She's skittish too, moves her head quickly whenever I move my hand outside her...
  6. Calyxise

    2 adults 1 sick baby.

    I found this on Craigslist and I just don't have the room to take them in. I emailed her about them and she wrote back. "i don't have pictures right now but i can get them. have you had reptiles in the past? let me know, i have had a $40...
  7. K

    african fat tail pooping in humid hide?

    hey guys my aft layed a clutch about a week and a half ago, and it looks like shes gunna lay another one soon. is it normal for her to poop in her hide? thanks!
  8. K

    Superhatch or hatchrite?

    Superhatch or hatchrite which do you guys prefer and recommend for your AFT's?
  9. K

    Fat tail care questions

    Hey guys am thinking off getting and breeding some fat tails. I want to do some research first. So here a couple questions: how often should I feed my fat tails during breeding season? And how often should I feed them when it's not season? How often should I give them calcium and vitamins during...
  10. K

    Fat tail mixing question

    Can I mix albino fat tail together? Or are the traits not compatible jus like leopard geckos? Thanks!!
  11. T

    Dripper for sale!!!!!!!!

    I have a 2 gallon dripper for sale it is $12.00 + $5.00 shipping. E-mail me at the tur[email protected]. also follow me on youtube at theturtleman09.
  12. bubblez825

    Two Full Grown Female Leopard Geckos (TANK NOT INCLUDED)

    Two Full Grown Female Leopard Geckos ********If interested, I'd really prefer to have someone close by, so you can come pick the girls up. I don't know anything about shipping lizards, and I really do not want to take the chance something goes wrong or something happens to the girls :/*********...
  13. A

    Crested Gecko's

    Crested Gecko's for sale. 50 dollars, for local pick up only Buffalo NY, until weather get warmer. [email protected] I have more pictures, its not letting me post them right now.
  14. UnicornSpirit

    anole hatchling!

    So I keep my 2 anoles in a 32 gallon Oceanic Lizard Lounge. I didn't want to use the glass top so I made a custom screen lid for it. Unfortunately, carpentry isn't a strong point of mine and there are a few gaps in it... but not enough for an adult anole to escape. I have seen my anoles...