anole hatchling!


Graphic Designer
Woodbine, MD
So I keep my 2 anoles in a 32 gallon Oceanic Lizard Lounge. I didn't want to use the glass top so I made a custom screen lid for it. Unfortunately, carpentry isn't a strong point of mine and there are a few gaps in it... but not enough for an adult anole to escape.

I have seen my anoles breeding and saw that my female was gravid but never thought the eggs would make it so I didn't think anything of it until today...

I heard a tapping noise from my mantis enclosure so I checked it out what she was trying to attack through the mesh and saw a little green thing ontop of it. I thought it was a grasshopper but as I moved closer saw it was a little baby green anole. :O

I caught it... but now I'm all worried what if more escape. I rummaged a bit through the OCeanic tank but have not seen any other babies or eggs (then again, there are a LOT of hiding spots). Instead of switching the mother anole over to another tank and stressing her out I'm going to take a run over to ACE and see what kind of mesh I can pick up and wood to repair my crappy lid. Just thought this was crazy so I had to post :)


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