1. Deko Gecko

    2019 Super Nova 100% Het. Diablo Blanco (Female)

    Female DOB:07/29/2019 Reduced Pattern! 100% Full Red Ruby eyes! Excellent for any Diablo Blanco project. Dreamsicle X MS Diablo Blanco pair. PowerHouse! - Eclipse, Tremper, Enigma, MackSnow 100% Het. Blizzard $200.00 + ShippingReady to ship!
  2. Deko Gecko

    2017 Dreamsicle (Male) - 250.00 + Shipping/

    For Sale! Proven breeder Male Bought From - GeckoEct. (Steve Sykes) 2017 Full Red Ruby Eyes Great Breeder. Ready to Ship! Power House! - MackSnow / Tremper / Eclipse / Enigma! 250.00 + Shipping/ - Paypal
  3. M

    4 year old male

    This is my male leopard gecko. The first pic was taken of him in February and then the last picture is him now. He did seem off for a bit but he seemed to be wanting to mate at that time and now he has slowed down. He has lost weight and his yellow has gone away. He’s pooping fine but eating...