1. gumbogecko

    Leopard Gecko Morph Identification

    Hi! I’m trying to figure out what morph my gecko, Crush, is (he’s named after the orange soda) I know he has carrot tail in him but I’m unsure what else he could be as I’ve never owned a gecko before him and his brother Caprisun (who’s pictured at the end.)
  2. N

    Trying to identify their morphs

    Hello! I've been trying to figure out my two baby cresties color morphs and I can't find anything on the internet that I think looks exactly like them so I was hoping you guys could help me! Sorry for the bad photo quality. Names are Tiki (top) and Coconut (bottom). Tiki has some dash-like marks...
  3. ThisnThatExotics

    Leo hatchling morph help

    Hey all! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on my hatchlings morphs. I’ve had leos for years but this was my very first year producing hatchlings. Right now I just have 5 TSM and a lot more females due in the next couple of months First pairing was my Mack snow tremper boy with my white and...
  4. Neri


    A little outside time for picture day! Temperature was high enough for her first day out
  5. B

    What morph are my geckos ? .

    I think they are worth way more than i paid. I think the female might be a mack snow tremper of some sort and the male might be a super hypo tangerine carrot tail of some sort . What do u guys think?
  6. S

    Just starting in the world of breeding

    Hello, I am Ethan. I have a lot of experience with Leopard Geckos and have decided to start breeding them in the Pittsburgh area. I came here looking for advice. I am going to buy 2-3 breeders to start off, just to make sure breeding is right for me. I have been doing a lot of research into the...
  7. CSMGecko

    Pather Geckos for Sale (Paroedura Picta)

    I have multiple Panther Gecko (Paroedura Picta) morphs. I have the following available to ship now: Normal het Amel - Females $50 Normal Double Hets (Anery & Amel) - Males and Females $75-$95 Normal het Anery - Males and Females $65-$75 Anery - Males and Females $60-$125 Amel - Males -...
  8. L

    New Gecko Help!

    Hey I just adopted this Gecko from a person that couldnt care for her ( if I sexed her correctly) and I was wondering if anyone could tell me something about her moprh if it has a particular name and such because I know it is not the wildtype/normal. but I am a little lost in all of the...
  9. U

    just a quick hello and want to kick up some AFt conversation

    Hello everyone my name is Scott hope everyones season has been going good I am not on here as much as I would like to be but I want that to change I will soon be working excusively with AFT geckos and hopefully do some great things with these awesome animals so I am wondering how is everyones...