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Hey all! I wanted to ask you guys your opinions on my hatchlings morphs. I’ve had leos for years but this was my very first year producing hatchlings. Right now I just have 5 TSM and a lot more females due in the next couple of months

First pairing was my Mack snow tremper boy with my white and yellow RAPTOR tangerine girl. So far I know all three hatchlings of this pair are tremper albinos and all are 100% Het for eclipse, although I’m still not sure of the white and yellow or Mack snow has carried over to them. I’m thinking white and Yellow has for the first and third hatchings, but what do you think? Honestly the second one is the most confusing. He’s not coloring up like my other two, but his stripes aren’t completely white like a Mack snow either.. what do you think?
First Hatchling, about 19 days old: 8F1633EF-116F-4BC3-B67F-4B5FAF83890E.jpeg 6AF56A1F-883B-4D04-8909-0B5107C8C244.jpeg 193F7687-D58B-47C7-8079-7A345EA3045F.jpeg
Second hatchling, about 6 days old: 00720FA4-9D47-45EF-9FA2-6A7D9E04BEC6.jpeg 18878CD5-F7B1-40A9-B0FF-661037BF98C4.jpeg 084E15F0-9B27-44E4-88A8-15A2BBBE9232.jpeg
Third hatchling, about 6 days old: 7349B878-2A04-4D9F-98AA-BFF9399D331A.jpeg E070688D-D8AF-4C0C-B0FB-B166239F7709.jpeg CCE70C41-61CB-42DC-BAB7-2B4094FFBABE.jpeg

My second paring was my super Mack snow tremper pos eclipse girl and my Blood hypo tangerine boy. I know, weird combo, but I really wanted to see what would pop out of these two. Both hatchlings look to me as though they’re Mack snows, but the second one has more brownish-orangish coloring on him and more of a rusty color on his head. What are your guy’s opinions?
First hatchling, about 4 days old: F5C3DB11-A04E-4C87-91A8-49C8A4172D7B.jpeg A739C155-832A-44B4-8765-3BE59687FC82.jpeg
Second hatchling, about 3 days old: 8EC7CB76-972E-4C79-B7B8-5B846EF4C3F4.jpeg A46D1385-F430-4DC3-82DD-872FAD3D5920.jpeg 470ADBA9-C734-4590-8FDB-5757DCAD7131.jpeg


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Apologies in advance for my crappy pictures, still trying to get a hang on taking good photos of animals that are so small and fast!


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I agree that the second albino hatchling is a Mack snow since there's only a faint hint of yellow on the stripes, much less than on the other two.
I also agree that the first hatchling of the second pairing is a Mack snow, and I'm not sure about the second one since there's considerably more yellow.

I had a pairing once of a Mack snow with what was sold to me as a Mack snow blizzard. I never got any super snows through 2 years of breeding (so either the blizzard was not a snow or it was a different type of snow). However, nearly all the offspring was that kind of color on hatching where there was too little yellow to say it wasn't a Mack snow, but too much very pale yellow to say that it was definitely a Mack snow. I did my best with them, but I had to label some of them "possible Mack Snow".
I hope this was helpful.


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