new owner

  1. B

    I'm getting a leopard gecko, what now?

    Hi! I just found out that I'm getting a leopard gecko! I'm so excited! I thought that I should tell you guys what I plan on doing and you guys could tell me if this is an okay tank. First off I'll tell you what the supplies are. UTH, (Under tank heater.) Reptile mat. 10G tank, (10 gallon.)...
  2. B

    I'm new and want help.

    Hi! I am new to this site and just wanted to introduce myself. I don't know how often I'll post, most likely a lot.) I am so excited and already love the people here!
  3. J

    New to the forum and to Leos!

    Hi everyone, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. My name is Jay, and for my 32nd birthday gift to myself I am getting 2 beautiful female leopard geckos, both just over a month old. I am looking forward to utilizing this forum and chatting with everyone. I am brand new to having...
  4. mbrown29

    hey guys

    Hey! I'm new to this site and am interested in learning more about Geckos from people who own them. I bought my first Leopard Gecko 8-13-12 from Petco. I'm now very attached and comfortable enough to expand my collection by adding one more leopard gecko. I'm buying one from a friend who got...
  5. J

    Getting my first Gecko! :)

    Hello! I am new to the site, and about to be a new Leopard Gecko owner! I know all the basics of what I will need, I was just wondering if anyone had tips for places to get all the stuff. Im looking for good quality (safe) and a decent price. If anyone knows good brands or stores I would...