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    Gecko poop

    Hello! I’m a happy gecko mom of 3 leopard geckos. As a mom, I overanalyze everything (including my geckos poop!) We received our geckos in September when they were about 4-5 months old. They all act healthy: love to be held every night, shed normally, drink water, and eat regularly. However...
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    Poo doesn’t look great. Need advice.

    My Leo Ziggy, which I’m pretty sure is about 6-7 months old & most likely a female, has been pushing out a lot of liquid with her poo for a while. The poo is generally soft too. I caught her in the act tonight & she seemed to be pushing really hard & her butt made the tiniest little toot in the...
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    Runny poop through microscope. Some kind of worm and eggs or something else?

    I noticed my male gecko had runny poo, so I put some on a slide and took a look at it. There is a worm looking thing with lots of elongated, pointy ovals in and around it. The ovals remind me most of whipworm eggs, but they're just too long and pointy(and I think too small as well) and look like...
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    Question about AFT..

    I've had my AFT for almost a year. He's always been fine but as of lately his poop has changed mass and color. Up until recently his poop looked normal but the past week or so possibly, it has been this chalky green color and a solid mass. Not hard, it breaks a part and has a chalky texture too...
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    I am going to get a "crestie" soon but i want to know how they poop, my "leos" poop in the corner which helps me clean it up is this what cresties do also??