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I’m a happy gecko mom of 3 leopard geckos. As a mom, I overanalyze everything (including my geckos poop!)
We received our geckos in September when they were about 4-5 months old. They all act healthy: love to be held every night, shed normally, drink water, and eat regularly.
However, I’ve realized one of our geckos poop has always been different than the other 2. Our gecko Zena’s poop is always like what I would describe as diarrhea: not even in a solid poop. He doesn’t poop that regularly (definitely not every night maybe once a week). When I looked it up I saw scary answers of parasites etc. I never thought something was wrong with it because it’s pretty much always how she’s pooped. She is growing normally since we got her as a baby (honestly our biggest gecko!), super friendly and loves exploring, and eats her food everyday.
I just wanted your take - what do i do? is this something to be concerned about although it’s always been like this and she is growing big?


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She may be fine and this may just be her own normal. In order to be sure, it certainly doesn't hurt to take her and a poop sample to a reptile vet. If for some reason there are parasites, most can be cured with some simple medication.


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