1. Harbor Reptiles

    King Zog

    KING ZOG I got the name from the anime show “Disenchantment”. Sometimes when this guy eats, he will make ‘honking’ noises as he eats! look up “king zog honking compilation”
  2. Tallyhotadpole

    So very NEW

    Hey, I'm not great at this kind of stuff so ill go straight into my Gecko. I have always had a love for reptiles mainly snakes but ofc my mum and dad didn't like the idea of having one. I took ill about 6 months ago with undiagnosed seizures and because of my illness (which is not something I...
  3. Red Eyed Three

    Chinese Cave Geckos - Goniurosaurs

    Hello, We have some great CBB Chinese Cave Geckos available. Both are previous hold-backs and produced by Red eyed Three. First two photos: Young male, wonderful coloration and patterns. Just under one year old. Second group of photos: Adult Male, Great coloration and some broken banding on...
  4. K

    Haro all

    Hi all! I'm new to this forum, and joined hopefully to learn on gecko care and hopefully how to acquire one in my area. I'm not really from Japan, and where I come from, the term lizard or reptile normally gets people confused or inflicts panic. So, I hope to make new friends and to actually own...
  5. B

    David's Fine Geckos is the Guest of Gecko Nation Radio This Sunday at 8pm

    David's Fine Geckos will be on Gecko Nation Radio this Sunday at 8pm Eastern! The show will be hosted by Marcia Mc Guiness. Feel free to call in with your questions. Listen here David's Fine Geckos on Gecko Nation Radio hosted by Marcia Mc Guiness 01/12 by Gecko Nation Radio | Pets Podcasts...
  6. T

    Groups for sale

    Just open Facebook page and have some breeder giant leopard geckos for sale.
  7. CherryCandy


    Haha, don' know what to say really. My name is Melinda, a 20year old girl from Sweden. Have always loved reptiles and got my first one when I was 3-4years old (a cornsnake, haha). Had reptiles all my life and right now I've got 9 Leopard geckos. Other things I like is photography (not very good...
  8. G

    Custom Handmade Reptile Hides!!

    We have a selection of completed hides available right now! Check out our website for pics and prices. We also take custom hide orders. We can make them as big or as small as you want them! Order a custom hide for your reptile today! They are...
  9. K

    african fat tail pooping in humid hide?

    hey guys my aft layed a clutch about a week and a half ago, and it looks like shes gunna lay another one soon. is it normal for her to poop in her hide? thanks!
  10. K

    Superhatch or hatchrite?

    Superhatch or hatchrite which do you guys prefer and recommend for your AFT's?
  11. K

    Fat tail care questions

    Hey guys am thinking off getting and breeding some fat tails. I want to do some research first. So here a couple questions: how often should I feed my fat tails during breeding season? And how often should I feed them when it's not season? How often should I give them calcium and vitamins during...
  12. K

    Fat tail mixing question

    Can I mix albino fat tail together? Or are the traits not compatible jus like leopard geckos? Thanks!!
  13. C


    100 Small dubia roaches with free shipping for only $10. I have a large supply of mixed as well if anyone is interested. $14.50 per 100
  14. G

    Good Looking People as Walking Ads

    Looking to pay some good looking people $20+entry fee and transportation (from durham region) to the International Reptile Expo in Toronto on September 17-18, and possibly in Ajax on September 2nd. All you need to do is wear our shirt and walk around/hand out stickers/magnets. Preference to...
  15. westcoastroaches

    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale

    1,000 Baby/Small Dubia Roaches For Sale - $55 Shipped. Other sizes and quantitys available. Will work you if you have a budget not a problem. Any questions drop us a line at: [email protected] Thank you for looking and God Bless!!!
  16. C


    Greetings, Just wanted to introduce myself--I've been herping and keeping reptiles since I was in 3rd grade (I'm now married with a baby), and the passion lives on. I'm originally from Minnesota, and now Northern California. The company I work for sent me to Ireland for a couple months...