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    Hi, I have a leopard gecko who is around 1 year and 6 months old. (I have not had her from a baby, I got her when she was around 1.) Since I have had her, I have never seen her shed, I have been told that they eat their skin so you don't always see it however I have never even seen her go a dull...
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    Basilisk beauty

    Although dull as it's going into shed, this lizard is still very wonderful looking indeed
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    Tatty Fiji Iguana

    she's in shed
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    Questions About What Caused Our Leo To Pass.

    Hi, Last night our pet leo, Izzy, passed away. Izzy was our beloved pet for about 6 years and we already miss her very much. We are trying to learn from this experience in order to decide if we did something wrong, or if she just became ill beyond anyone's ability to help her. We also want...
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    Mourning gecko

    Okay, so Today i took my other halfs mourning gecko off him to house with mine as it was on its own. After getting home when I was about to place it in the viv, I noticed that 2 of its toes are missing (completely not just the tips) and on one of its feet, all its toes are kinda upturned (all...
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    Bredl Beaut

    Although due to shed, this female is still very handsome
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    In blue

    A male Nose horned viper at Rainforest exotics is in due to shed and "in blue"
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    Behavior after shedding?

    My baby leo just shed her skin off for the first time I had her. She got it all off and I made sure there's nothing left on her toes. She won't let me handle her all of a sudden, she's never ran away from me or jumped out of my hands but she has all day today. She also has been spending almost...
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    Golden gecko has a blocked.. Rectum? With a spot that won't shed

    I have a 5+ year o,d golden gecko and for the first time in those 5 years I've never had issues with him shedding. After his most recent shed, there seems to be a bit left blocking his excretion area. I am not sure if it stopping him from doing his business as I just noticed it is still there...