1. G

    Cute Crested Gecko Timelapse!!

  2. K

    Palmetto Corn Snake and Ball Python

    Tamed palmetto corn snake and Ball Pythons . For more pics and info message us on our number on pic Origin: Domestically Produced Weight: 24g...
  3. M

    New here, from ohio

    Hello everyone, I'm Maximumsubzero this is my first time on a reptile/gecko forum. These are my lovely reptiles.
  4. W

    Mellow yellow fellow

    Freshly shed albino chinese beauty snake
  5. W

    Anery corn scale

    close up of a corn snake scale
  6. L

    New pet?

    Can anyone suggest a reptile that could live in a 10 gallon tank? (besides a leopard gecko) It has to be low maintenance, and smaller... and not a snake!
  7. W

    Feisty and fantastic

    "Lemongrass" an albino chinese Beauty, given to me as a birthday prezzie last year by Rainforest exotics. Such a wonderful snake
  8. W

    A very yellow Fellow

    T- albino Chinese Beauty snake
  9. W

    Do Milk Snakes like to climb at all?

    I got a baby milk snake about a month ago. And I decked out his tank with a bunch of stuff. I made it rather crowded and put in some fake vines, because I know they like to hide, and feel safe when they move around. Well whenever I walk in the room I see him climbing all round, on top of this...
  10. B

    Honduran Milk Snakes, several color morphs

    I have several beautiful Honduran milk snakes that need new homes. I was going to breed them, but decided to go a different direction. 1 male '07 hypo, het amel for $200 1 female '07 hypo het anery, possibly het amel $200 1 female '07 snow for $200 1 female '08 anery het amel for...
  11. Dimidiata

    Alterna kingsnake?

    I recently recived a Grey banded kingsnake and i had a few questions about gerneral care and color(first snake to myself). First would be if they can be sexed, she was sold to me as a 2yr old female. then i must ask if she is the dark phase alterna morph. third, is a 29gal tank big enough for...