1. V

    Habitat Questions

    I will be getting a leopard gecko shortly, and am working on designing its habitat. I haven’t had a leo for about 15 years, so I’m approaching this as though I know nothing. I will be using excavator clay for the majority of the substrate and had a few questions. 1) Can I use desert matting...
  2. EricCartman

    What Is The Best Sand Substrate?

    I'm cleaning my leopard gecko's enclosure, and I want to know what the best sand substrate to use is. I have blue sand currently in her enclosure (I think it is called vita sand). When she walks around her feet look blue from the sand which I think is funny, but I want to know what sand is...
  3. M

    Gecko eating moss in moist hide

    Hi, I have a leopard gecko, she is around 2/3 years old, I bought her off someone when she was about 1. The old owner used paper towel on the bottom of the tank, there were 2 hides, non of which were moist. I swapped the paper towel on the floor for some reptile carpet which is fine, she also...
  4. Z

    Can I use potting soil and eco earth together for my leopard?

    I have only heard of some that have done this, I've done a ton of research but haven't found very much, therefore I concluded that this website would be a huge help. Has anyone heard of/done this of placing potting soil under eco earth for small plants such as succulents? I know that succulents...
  5. L

    Shelf liner and fake plants

    Hello, so I’ve read shelf liner and fake plants from craft stores are okay however, I want to make sure. I got the non adhesive smooth top easy liner shelf liner by ducky brand and two leafy fake plants, are both of these okay? I’m mostly worried about the glue on the fake plants and the vinyl...
  6. L

    Substrate choices

    Hi all, I have a 3 year old Leo (called Gaia). I’ve always used the green matting stuff as substrate but I really don’t like it. Her claws and mouth (when she catches a cricket) seem to get stuck and I’m worried it’ll cause her an injury. What do you all use? What would you recommend? Thanks...
  7. B

    Is a reptile mat alright?

    I was reading a book last night called, "Leopard Gecko Manuel." It said that more substrate provides more heat? I planed in doing a reptile mat, is this okay?
  8. M

    Brand new to geckos

    Hi! My name is Stephanie and I completely new to the gecko world. I ordered a fat tail gecko from geckodaddy and it will be here on Tuesday the 20th. I am getting her home ready now. I would love any suggestions. I want to make her home just perfect for her. I have a tank, two hiding...
  9. S

    Electric Blue Gecko Help

    i was thinking of getting some of these, but was wondering about substrate, tank size, and housing with other species. i heard the substrate could simply be paper towel but i want confirmation. also can they be housed with other species? i heard some other dwarf geckos of similar habitats like...