1. I

    Tips for new U. fimbriatus owner

    Hey all, A month ago I didn't even really know anything about the leaf tail geckos but today i just bought my second one and I am going to try to breed them, but i want to get them established first. I work for a local pet shop (neither Petco or PetSmart) and have kept all sorts of animals...
  2. V

    My Geckos etc!

    Hey Everyone! Just wanted to introduce myself, my name is Ryan Vince. I own a variety of geckos from Cresteds and Gargoyles to Uroplatus, Aeluroscalabotes etc. I am a photographer by profession and thought I might share some of my work here for fun. Please feel free to check out my...
  3. T

    Female Uroplatus fimbriatus

    Hello, I am looking for a single, LTC/CB female U. fimbriatus. Please contact me with information on any available animals. Thank you!
  4. Northstar Herp

    Uroplatus Bible

    I have three copies coming in shortly and they will be for sale. Total shipped to your door will probably be around $70. I will give an exact number to you if you provide your zip code, and once I see exactly what the shipping was to me from out of country.