1.1 2014 Typhoon Pair!


Ridgewood, NJ
1.1 Pair of Typhoons. $425 shipped!

CG14-14 - This male has some awesome coloration from a cross of a patterned Typhoon female to an Acid Stripe Typhoon male from Enigmatic Reptiles. He hatched on 4/19/14 and currently weighs about 25g.

CG14-38 - This female is from an Atomic typhoon male from Texas Lizard Connection by a het typhoon female from Razor Sharp Reptiles. She hatched 5/29/14 and is currently about 8g. She's got some nice orange coloration coming in and a cool stripe!

These two should make a great pair for anyone looking to get into Rainwater albinos or add some new blood to an existing project! They both have stripe genes in their lineage so they could potentially produce some cool striped offspring as well! They will ship when the female reaches 15g.

More females and males to add to the group or choose from on my page: www.facebook.com/carpegecko

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