Gregg M

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The Rotten Apple NYC
Here is a great opportunity to get in on a really cool project. This will be the only pair I will be releasing this season like this. This is a very high quality pair that consists of a male albino tiger and a female 100% het albino twin spot.

This is the second season in a row I have produced tigers from the same pairing so it is genetic and reproducable. How it works, I do not know and will not know until I breed 2 tigers together next season.

These animals are the result of breeding 2 Shanklin line animals together that I had gotten from Brent Bumgardner in 2009. They are pounding unscented F/T pinkies and are already on their 10th meal. They are super healthy, well started hogs from a very strong bloodline.

With this pair you will produce animals with amazing color and pattern.
I am asking $1,150 for this awesome pair shipped.

They come as a pair only. I am not interested in any trades at this time.
Thanks for looking.