25g Hexagon Tank Fixed Up



I have bought all new stuff for my 25g hexagon tank. I will add more pictures when it gets finished.

All I have to add is a tall, red plant in the back & of course fish. I also need a hood, so if anyone knows if anyone is getting rid of any aquarium stuff, PM me :)

And this is the first fish to go into it, Viktor my favorite fish. He has out grown his 10g tank, he is now twice as big as a silver dollar.

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(If anyone doesn't know, Im the same person as geckoavenger, & I wont be using that account anymore.)

Ok, got the tall plant, I dont really like it but Dad does so oh well. Now there are 8 cichlids in it, we decided to get cichlids instead of putting my angel in there. Now we are setting up our 35g long & then the cichlids will be moved in there & then the angel will go into this hexagon tank.

Anyways, here are the pics of the new plant & the fish:

& no, thats not alge on the rock decoration, its has some green tint to it so its worse without the flash.


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If one of the convicts develops orange on it's belly it's a female. If you have a male and female and they mate you will want to seperate them from the rest of your fish. They will kill anything that they see as a threat to their babies. I really like convicts a lot. I had white ones when I had an aquarium.