Are these Plants non-toxic to geckos?


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I'm working on making a bioactive enclosure (a few) for African fat tailed and Leopard Geckos. Being a bit of a cheapskate and liking to grow plants from the grocery store... I have some plants I can't find on lists of toxic or non-toxic to ask about.

I have a ginger plant (grown from a rhizome) With good sunlight, and such, it's a nice background--I was thinking AFT or ball python enclosure.
Pineapple plant (I figure for an AFT)
Scallions and other allium family (I got mixed results for this...)
mint (Chocolate mint for the AFT?)
Hirt's Palm AFT
Cuban Oregano (It's not oregano--Plectranthus amboinicus)
Aloe Vera (Leopard Gecko?)
Spider plant
Oat, barley and rice plants (I got a few to grow.)

I saw morning glories are toxic to reptiles, so I'm guessing sweet potato plants might be also since they are related?

Of course I have the usual plants that usually go in...

3 types of pothos (Silver, golden and satin).
Snake plant
Spineless Prickly Pear
2 types of Jade Plant

But I thought I could mix it up a bit and give a few more options to hide with and visual height for them to climb on.

Also, I tried for hours to find what plants are naturally in their habitat, but couldn't find any listed in their natural range for both AFTs and Leos.


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I'm no plant expert but it seems to me that since neither of these species is interested in chewing on the plants, and the toxicity of the plants comes from them being ingested that it doesn't really matter. I hope you have more luck successfully growing those plants in gecko enclosures than I have had!



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I saw the concern was something like if the crickets eat the allium and allium is toxic to dogs, that the crickets eating the allium species might be toxic to geckos, though it's never been proven, but that's a lot of leaps... I don't think crickets particularly like onion, garlic, or scallions? Am I wrong?

I figured out the lighting situation, though. Most of the LED lights I've gotten didn't work, so I found some CFLs that do.

I put earthworms in with my AFT male. They are actually doing fairly well.

I'm waiting for a molding to come in (f-extrusion for a sliding lid and then I'll put in sliding glass doors too.) so I can build a 20G Long enclosure... So I can try to grow the plants again.